2022’s nail trends were dominated by Hailey Bieber and her manicurist’s confectionery creations – and as such social media was filled with images of “chocolate ganache nails”, “candy cane nails” and, of course, “glazed donut nails”. Now, however, the beauty world has taken inspiration from our make-up bags for this year’s most in demand manicure: “lip gloss nails”.

While the idea of matching your lips and your nails might seem a little old-fashioned, the lip gloss manicure trend is instead about neat nails in a barely-there colour, and finished with a super-glossy, mirror-like top coat – it’s an elegant, suits-all effect with a hint of “Lancôme Juicy Tubes” nostalgia.

Lipgloss nails are characterised by a nude polish and a super-glossy top coat

It’s a look that celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik has been creating a lot for Jennifer Lopez recently, including for the premiere of her new film Shotgun Wedding and for this year’s Grammy Awards. For this red carpet look, the actress’s nude polish was finished with a line of diamanté down the centre, designed to perfectly compliment her statement dress that appeared to be dripping in gemstones.

“Lip Gloss and Diamonds,” Tom captioned an Instagram post showing a close-up of JLo’s nails for the event. “We wanted nails that played off her @gucci gown in a fresh minimalistic way.”

Fancy getting the lip gloss nails look yourself? Luckily it’s a relatively easy look to get right at home. Here’s how:

1) Nail prep is the most important part of any manicure, says Tom, who compares it to creating the right foundations for a house. He uses his own Tweezerman x Tom Bachik Nail Care Kit, £50 here, to meticulously shape the nails and neaten the cuticles before applying polish.

2) Of course, lip gloss comes in many shades, but his look is really all about a nude or sheer pink polish – we like Leighton Denny Blush At First Sight, £12.50 here, or Essie Sugar Daddy, £7.99 here. Apply two thin coats.

3) Finish off the look with a super-shiny top coat to create a glossy, long-lasting finish. You’re after that level of jelly-like shine that you get from a gel manicure, so apply two layers of the top coat if needed. Try CND Vinylux Long Wear Top Coat, £11.95 here, for salon levels of shine.

Two nude polishes to recreate this look


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