Jesy Nelson has just teased a retro-themed music video as she shows off her 60s style bouffant hairstyle to promote her new single, Bad Thing.

Former Little Mix member Jesy left the girl group in 202o and struck out on her own as a solo artist, but has been quiet on the music front since she released her single Boyz with Nicki Minaj in 2021. However, fans were eagerly anticipating her return to music and now it seems Jesy has given them exactly what they were waiting for, teasing both a new hit and a music video.

After clearing her Instagram of all previous posts, Jesy shared three brand new individual posts announcing the new single, and revealed that her music video is a 60s-inspired retro theme. In the posts, Jesy can be seen wearing a colourful printed skirt and cropped orange top, paired with knee high white socks, orange platforms, and a white hair band amongst her bouffant-style hair.

Jesy Nelson showed off her new toffee apple coloured hair just two months ago

In the posts, which include multiple behind the scenes stills as well as a video clip, Jesy has ditched her toffee apple hair colour that she’d debuted only recently, and in its place is a rich, dark mahogany colour that makes Jesy’s features stand out. Styled in a centre parting, her long locks are curled into loose ringlets,with plenty of volume and thickness throughout.

To give it the iconic 60s look, extra volume is teased at the crown of Jesy’s head behind her hairband to create a subtle version of the bouffant that was ultra popular during the decade. The added volume is usually achieved by teasing or backcombing the hair underneath to create lift and height, then brushing the top layer smoothly over the top to hide it.

Although bouffants and beehives are similar in style, the beehive tends to be a rounded dome that sits straight up at the crown of the head, whilst the bouffant reaches further around the head, usually from ear to ear.

Although it’s hard to tell exactly which style Jesy has gone for in her new music video, it looks like she’s favouring the bouffant style, as she has plenty of volume and height all across her head. Her glossy curls are smoothed over the top and carefully arranged to hide not only the backcombing, but the ends of the hairband too, with her front sections pulled forwards and curled to blend into the rest of her hair.

Fans of Jesy won’t have to wait long to hear her new track in full, as she confirms that the new single will be released on April 14, and although she doesn’t confirm if the music video will also be available then, we suspect it won’t be long until they get a proper look at Jesy’s incredible 60s transformation.


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