Getting the perfect manicure for your wedding day is a big deal – think how many times your hands will be looked at and photographed. Nobody wants to look back at their snapshots from the big day and regret the nail colour they picked!

Although there's plenty of pressure on picking a perfect neutral for your actual engagement, your wedding day manicure is even more special and should match the vibe of your day as well as your personal style. For example, should you go for natural-looking nails? Nail art? A bright red to symbolise romance?

The choices might seem endless, which is why Hatton Jewellers has collaborated with Kate Middleton’s nail artist, Marina Sandoval, to reveal the best-kept industry secrets on how to nail the perfect wedding day manicure for your impending nuptials.

Choosing the right manicure for your wedding can be difficult

Nude and natural nails are the most commonly chosen style, with Marina saying: “Around 50% of my clients will go for a pale pink natural nail colour and the other 50% will go for a warmer shade like peach or light pink.”

Neutral nails are often chosen because they’re subtle and blend in beautifully with any colour scheme, making them a tried and tested classic. Different shades will suit different skin tones, with fair skin suiting blush pinks, medium skin working better with pink and beige-toned nudes, olive skin fairing better with a creamy nude or peachy shade, and dark skin suiting either a coffee-coloured tone or a dusty rose.

If you’re going for a timeless classic style, a French manicure is a must-have. Use a pink or nude base with white tips for an elegant and chic manicure choice for your vows. This way, you won’t need to worry about the colours clashing with your flowers or the bridesmaid dresses, and you won’t need to worry about all the different elements competing with each other.

Bright colours can really make an impact on your big day

Off-white can also be a chic colour for your wedding day

If you’ve been considering some drama, Marina warns brides to be against getting too carried away with things like glitter or nail art, saying: “Nail art or glitter makes the hand look artificial and takes away from the precious stone.” However, if a neutral nail is just a touch too safe for you, a bold colour could be the perfect way to add some drama to your look.

The colour you choose will depend on how your wedding details are. You may want to match them to the colour of your bridesmaids' dresses or pair them with an overall colour theme from the day.

Alternatively, if your wedding ring or engagement ring has coloured precious stones in it, your nail colour can be a great way to complement it and make your ring stand out even more. Marina advises: “Emerald stones can be paired with red or dark green nail polish, whereas rubies will blend well with a burgundy red and also contrast nicely with an off-white shade”.


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