If you’ve been thinking about a style switch up, allow Katy Perry to make a case for the micro fringe. The singer and American Idol judge showed off her new look in a behind the scene photo taken while filming the show.

Posting the photo to her Instagram account on Monday, Katy wears a dramatic cut-out metallic green dress floor-length dress, with her dark hair slicked back from her face and styled in a bun on top of her head.

However, it’s her new fringe that’s really got fans talking, as the ‘Firework’ singer debuted a brand new ultra-short micro fringe. Her new bangs stop midway down her forehead, and were cut into a choppy, textured style.

Katy Perry debuts her new micro fringe in a photo from BTS of American Idol

Katy also showed off her new hair in a video on Instagram

The micro fringe has been making the rounds of Hollywood over the last year, with several other A-listers braving the edgy cut. The micro fringe, which is also affectionately known as baby bangs, have been spotted on actresses including Lilly Collins, Florence Pugh, and, most recently, Leighton Meester spotted rocking the tiny fringe.

Just like regular bangs, the micro fringe comes in a variety of different styles, from Leightons’s fine, feathered version, to Florence’s thick and ultra-blunt one. Katy’s new micro fringe manages to combine both styles, keeping the thickness of Florence’s style, with a feathered, textured edge like Leighton’s.

Although not a new style, baby bangs are definitely having a resurgence at the moment,as they manage to combine fairly easy maintenance with a bold, edgy style. Unlike longer, brow-skimming fringes which require trims every couple of weeks to keep them the right length – and to help you see – the micro fringe requires less frequent maintenance as you can let it grow much longer before cutting it back short again, although if you want to keep it looking extra-short, you’ll need to trim it more often,

As it’s less likely to be in your eyes and bother you you’ll also be less tempted to keep touching it and playing with it. That should stop it from getting as greasy as other fringes, meaning fewer quick fringe washes in the bathroom sink, although it does have the downfall of not being as easy to clip back out of the way.

Katy had initially had a much longer full fringe cut in just a few months ago

Although it seems like a daunting trend to try and pull off, the micro fringe is actually pretty universally flattering. The short style brings all the attention up towards your eyes which makes them stand out, and can work with just about any hair length and texture.

Katy only debuted her new full fringe a few months ago, but clearly decided it was time to go shorter already, with her new micro fringe stopping well above her eyebrows as it tapered into the rest of her dark hair at the sides.

Baby bangs were originally popular in the 50s and 60s, but had a revamp in the late 90s and early 00s, with plenty of celebs sporting including Courtney Cox sporting them at the time. One fan of Katy’s even said: “It’s giving gale weathers from scream 3”, referring to the recurring character Courtney played in the third film in the Scream franchise, which came out in 2000.

Whilst we don’t normally encourage cutting in an impulsive fringe, this might be one occasion where we can get fully on board with it.


By Editor