It looks like even Kim Kardashian isn’t above following a trend or two, and the mermaid-core trend looks to have inspired her latest hairstyle.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star stepped out in New York on Tuesday dressed in a chic black dress with dramatic cut outs, with her hair styled into a high ponytail and a wet look fringe.

Mermaid-core has been sweeping the fashion and beauty world as we near the release of Disney’s live action remake of The Little Mermaid, and Kim shows just how to subtly include the trend in her 90s inspired look.

Although not her typical style, Kim has found a way to make the 90s wet look fringe work for her personal style. Rather than go for full wet look tresses, the SKIMS owner instead opted for a simple slicked back ponytail, letting her mini side fringe make a statement instead.

Kim Kardashian shows off her 90s wet look fringe in New York

Kim's fringe was the perfet 90s version of a popular mermaid-core trend

The mini fringe is much shorter and finer than a typical side fringe, and instead lands somewhere between a dramatic baby hair look and a side variation of the trending micro fringe.

Rather than letting her fringe hang in wet look strands, Kim and her team have instead slicked the fringe straight down to her forehead, and deliberately sectioned it into smaller sections which each have their own sweeping, wavy shape that reaches from her forehead around to her cheekbone.

The KUWTK star farried on the 90s vibes with her outfit

The rest of her hair was also given the wet look treatment, although in a more subtle way than her fringe. The sides and crown of her hair have been carefully smoothed back into a high, ultra-long pony tail that hangs down to the middle of Kim’s back, with her hair having a subtle glossy wet-look to it as it hangs straight down.

She completed her look with a very 90s-inspired outfit, wearing a black stretchy ankle length dress with dramatic cut outs and delicate strap details, and a pair of black strappy barely-there heels, both of which were must-have items in the 90s.

We’re obsessed with seeing how different celebrities are currently making the mermaid-core trend their own, and can’t get enough Kim’s 90s spin on it.


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