We’re so used to seeing Kim Kardashian with glamorous make-up and Instagram filters that we sometimes forget there’s a normal mum of four under there. Well, maybe not normal , but it’s nice to be reminded on occasion that even the likes of Kim have real skin.

We’re seeing a more natural side to the 42 year old this week in a newly-posted Instagram tutorial, where the star braves bare skin to show her night-time skincare regime.

“Soaking up the @skkn,” she captions the Reel.

As you might expect, all of the products Kim uses are from her SKKN collection. However, the star’s followers seem more interested in her “perfect” skin rather than her skincare line-up.

“Bare face Kim hits differently,” says one, while a second adds: “Perfect skin”.

A third weighs in with: “So gorgeous without makeup,” with a fourth adding: “Wow your skin is so perfect”.

Kim shows off a filter-free and makeup-free look

We're used to seeing Kim in glam make-up

This tutorial comes a few months after Kim wound up the internet by claiming in a previous tutorial that rubbing on skincare, as opposed to patting it on gently, can cause “damage”. Back then, Kim further expanded: “Rubbing in your products can stretch the skin, break down collagen and elastin, and prevent proper absorption.

“Instead, applying your toner, serums, and moisturisers with a patting motion is not only less damaging to the skin structure, but it also stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage, and helps prevent pilling.”

So what was the expert verdict on Kim’s claims? “There has been a debate for years about rubbing vs patting in your skincare. At the end of the day, as long as you’re being gentle – whether you are rubbing or patting your skincare in – it’s more important to consider the ingredients in the products that you are using,” explained Carrie Hancox, aesthetic practitioner at Centre for Surgery.

Essentially, if you’re taking your make-up off at night, and you’re making the effort to use creams and serums, your skin will probably thank you for it.


By Editor