Of all the trending hairstyles at the moment, the octopus cut is possibly one of the most daring, thanks to its short layers and extra volume on top.

The layered, bedhead version of a bob gets its name from its sleek, long and voluminous top layers which sit at the crown of the head, and its lighter, finer ends which give it an octopus-like illusion.

However, whilst the short version of the octopus cut may not be for the faint of heart, Kim Kardashian has just shown exactly how versatile it can be, as she shows off her new bouncy layers that play on the trend. Never one to disappoint when it comes to giving us some major hair envy, Kim’s new style is the perfect example of how to follow a trend and still make it work for you.

Her black hair has been freshly cut into long-length layers that frame her face and continue throughout her hair, giving her the octopus-esque volume on top and the lighter ends that define the trend.

Kim Kardashian just revealed a brand new layered hair cut that plays on the Octopus trend

Kim showed off a 90s inspired fringe just last week

TV personality Emily Atack first gave fans a look at her version of the trend back in February, which saw her with a shoulder length style that showed off the perfect shape for an octopus cut, with the hair later revealed to be for a new role.

Kim’s hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons shared a snap of the reality star’s new look on his Instagram, captioning it: “Bouncy layers on Kim Kardashian”, which sees Kim smiling off to the side of the camera with her super long locks freshly cut and styled.

Her new layers were being shown off with a flicky, bouncy blow dry and a very loose curl. Although her hair reaches down to her waist, her layers are carefully placed throughout her hair, with shorter sections around her face, and her other layers being cut in around her shoulders and chest to give her hair plenty of shape and movement.

Emily Atack shows off her new 'octopus' hair cut in February

Kim might have a fresh new cut, but it’s reminiscent of her iconic signature hair from the first few seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which saw the SKIMS founder rocking a very 00s-approved blow dry complete with plenty of layers and oversized curls.

Fans were also quick to pick up on the similarities, with one even calling Kim’s new look “The klassic Kim K” – we see what you did there – whilst others commented on how ‘effortless’ and ‘pretty’ her new style looks.


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