We were thrilled when Kourtney Kardashian finally took the plunge and tried out a brand new platinum blonde look back in March. She followed in Kim, Khloe and Kylie's footsteps when she debuted the bold blonde colour, and fans loved it.

However, it seems Kourtney’s blonde era was short-lived as the oldest Kardashian sister has already ditched her platinum bob in favour of a glossy jet-black shade. Although she captioned her photo reveal “brunette4lyfe”, there’s no denying that her new hair colour is actually a raven-esque shade of black, with some commenters agreeing, saying: “That’s not brunette. That’s black. But very nice”.

Kourtney showed off her new look in a series of Instagram posts which, of course, included some very loved-up snaps of her and her husband Travis Barker. Her brand new colour also comes with a fresh new style. Although she's stuck with her recent ultra-short bob, she's styled it in a sleek middle parting, with the ends flicked out and a super glossy sheen to it.

Kourtney Kardashian ditches her platinum blonde bob for a glossy black shade

Kourtney goes back to the dark side with her new black glossy bob

She shows off her new look in some white Carhartt dungarees and a black T-shirt. She's also wearing very dramatic dark smokey eye make-up look that looks incredible paired with her new dark hair transformation. She also shared a second photo of her new jet black tresses wearing an oversized leather jacket with her new locks styled into a poker straight side parting.

After Kourtney shared a series of photos two weeks ago of her blonde bob saying: “Bye bye blondie. one more smoking hot post for the haters”, plenty of her followers seemed disappointed the blonde era was already coming to an end, with one writing: “I actually love your blonde hair!” while another said: “I love your vibes and the blonde era”.

Platinum blonde hair is notoriously difficult to keep up with (excuse the pun), and even with an army of hairstylists at her disposal, it seems Kourtney decided the blonde lifestyle wasn’t for her.

Kourtney's sister Kim is also known for switching up her signature dark style in favour of a blonde bob

From root upkeep to constant toners, not to mention the damage that your hair has to tolerate to reach that platinum blonde shade, going platinum blonde is not for the faint of heart, so it’s no surprise that after just a couple of months, Kourtney is ready to go back to the dark side.

Although her platinum locks were definitely a dramatic new look for Kourt, we can’t deny that we’re massive fans of her signature dark hair, especially with its new sleek style. With Kednall now being the only Kardashian-Jenner sister not to have a blonde moment, we wonder if a platinum shade might ever be on the cards for her!


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