You may have heard of eyebrow mapping but have you heard of lash mapping? This technique of applying false lashes is said to enhance the wearer’s eye shape to give the perfect lift and definition to the upper face. Since Kate Middleton is rumoured to have headed for a brow mapping consultation back in the summer of 2020 after she appeared out at official events with visibly fuller and fluffier arches, it’s also speculated that she’s using a similar personalised technique for her lashes.

Appearing today in official videos and snaps from King Charles’ Coronation, the Princess of Wales looks incredible with a defined and smoky eye look complete with charcoal eyeshadow and lengthened lashes. So, if you’re keen to know a bit more about the lash mapping process to help you get a Royal look of your own, lash expert Demi, co-owner of London’s Lash + Brow Lab , explains everything you need to know here…

Kate's lashes tend to be fluttery in the outer corners

What is lash mapping?

“Lash mapping is simply when an expert assesses someone’s natural lashes and eye shape, the distance between lashes and brows, and lash curl and density. We then use this information to dictate the length, curl and style of individual lash we will use on the client,” she says.

Is it just used for individual lashes or can it be used for choosing falsies?

This particular technique is for those extending their lashes with individuals, however, if you head to a beauty clinic to find out the style of lash that suits your eye shape, you can then use this knowledge going forward if you ever want to swap individuals for stick-on falsies.

Why does lash mapping make a difference to your look?

Demi explains that different lengths and volumes of lashes can alter the shape of the eye, and can be used to widen eyes, give a more cat-eye effect or give the illusion of distance between the eyes. Essentially, the lashes are used to enhance your features.

Kate opted for a bold eye look for the Coronation

What would someone need to ask for to achieve a Kate-like lash look?

It appears Kate keeps most of the length and volume of her lashes to her outer corners, giving the appearance of lift towards the outer edges of her face. Because this style suits the shape of her eyes and the angle of her brows, her lashes would likely have been mapped like that on purpose.

While you can take inspiration from Kate when asking for a similar look, Demi cautions that it’s always best to let the expert guide your choice. “Everyone’s eyes are different, so even if two people got the same lash map, they would look different because of the length and curl of their natural lashes,” she says. “You can absolutely show someone as inspiration, but be aware that what suits that person might not suit you.”


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