Netflix’s Emily in Paris is back for season three next month and there’s a chance the glossy marketing exec is returning with a much edgier look. Emily, aka Lily Collins, has just debuted a choppy new haircut on Instagram, and it’s a style that hair experts have dubbed an “octopus” cut.

“Tis the season to be…” Lily writes, adding the festive song Deck The Halls to the slideshow of selfies.

Followers have responded in the masses to the post with many calling Lily’s look “perfection”, and we think the new cut is actually very clever. All of the layers give Lily the illusion of having super-thick hair, but really it’s the octopus choppiness doing all of the work.

Lily's choppy new look

Lily's season two Emily in Paris beauty look

What is an octopus cut, you wonder?

“It’s an evolution of the mullet trend brought back by Miley Cyrus last year. The look has been refreshed and redesigned so that more length is added to the bottom of the cut while the hair on the top maintains its full weight,” explains Stéphane Ferraira, senior colourist at Live True London.

“To create this look, you will need to have long layers cut in. Over layering the cut is needed for this specific style so that the hair can flow and move around the face. Adding colour such as a balayage or a vivid tone is also a great way to define the look and add more dimension.”

Some experts are even describing octopus layers as an evolution of the Rachel Green 90s cut. However, her layers have now been modernised and dramatised to incorporate curtain bangs that typically fall just below the ears, and also to include gradient “tentacle” layering.

The octopus cut is a modernised version of the 90s Rachel Green look

Because the layers are adding dimension and choppiness to the hair, the octopus cut is actually perfect for those with fine hair wanting more volume. When styled into beachy waves or an undone curl texture, those layers will make finer hair appear much thicker than it actually is.

Lily isn’t the first celeb to try out this bizarre sounding (but very effective) cut. Since Miley and Netflix Squid Games’ HoYeon Jung premiered their shaggy cuts last year, other stars like Selena Gomez and Kaia Gerber have done their take on it.

Long live the octopus style!


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