Micah Lussier, star of the hit US reality show Love is Blind, is taking her followers along with her as she shares her journey to get her lip filler dissolved. The 27-year-old reality star posted a video on TikTok on Saturday explaining that she was going to get her lip filler dissolved ahead of getting it refilled again. In her video, Micah admitted at first she wasn’t even sure if she would share the video, saying: “This is pretty candid for me”, as she headed to Skin Spirit aesthetics clinic in Green Lake, Seattle.

Micah, who appeared on season four of the Netflix reality show, then shared a clip of her with numbing cream across her lips to help manage the pain, before showing her followers the tool they use to help lip filler dissolve. She added a clip of her at the halfway point before sharing a shot of herself the first night after the procedure, saying there was a little bruising but it wasn’t too bad.

She also added a clip from a week after the procedure, showing her natural lips without any filler. She tells her viewers that she was now heading back to get her filler topped up, but that they were going to “top it off and make it look more even, but still aiming for somewhat of a more natural look” this time.

Love is Blind star Micah Lussier shows her lips before getting her filler dissolved

Micah reveals her lips one week after getting the filler dissolved

After getting her filler dissolved, Micah then got her lips refilled with fresh filler

Micah hasn’t shared the reason behind dissolving her lip filler, but there are plenty of reasons people choose to undergo the procedure, including – but not limited to – aesthetic reasons. Many will cite filler migration as the main reason. When this happens, it’s essential to get the filler dissolved to help protect the structure and integrity of your lips,

Other common reasons for dissolving lip filler include overuse of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, build-up or lumps from the product not naturally dissolving over time, or thickness that can occur and cause congestion in your lips.

Lip filler will naturally dissolve on its own over time but if you do need to get it manually dissolved, a good aesthetician should be able to do it safely and carefully for you. To dissolve your filler, your aesthetician will inject your lips with concentrated doses of hyaluronidase – which is an enzyme the body naturally produces to break down natural hyaluronic acid – which will break down the HA in your lip filler before your body then naturally disposes of it.

You can then choose to embrace your natural lips, or do what Micah did and get them refilled to your desired shape and size. In the final part of her TikTok video, Micah reveals her freshly refilled lips, saying: “I feel really happy and really confident”, as she posed in the car in full glam, her lips freshly plumped.


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