Faye Winter has undergone several beauty ‘tweakments’ on Wednesday, including platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP).to help her get thicker, more voluminous hair.

The former Love Island contestant shared with her 1.2million Instagram followers that she was getting the procedure with a series of Instagram stories , saying: “Let's get this hair growth growin” as she prepared for the procedure.

Platelet-rich plasma treatments involve extracting plasma from the blood and injecting it in the scalp to encourage hair growth. The procedure is designed to help prevent hair loss and rejuvenate damaged hair follicles in a bid to improve hair quality and thickness.

The plasma is extracted from the patient’s blood, and then injected directly into their scalp to help boost the hair’s natural healing and repairing mechanisms using their own body’s healing system.

Faye Winter revealed she's udergoing PRP treatments to help boost her hair thickness

Faye showed off her fine hair as she geared herself up for the needle-based treatment

Faye visited the Avicenna Aesthetics and Wellbeing clinic for the procedure, and filmed herself chatting away to both her followers and the clinician as she prepared for the treatment. Faye was asked if she’d bleached her hair since her last session, with the reality star trying to work out if her new hair colour had been before or after her first round of injections.

Anyone undergoing the PRP treatment is advised to leave at least one week before, and one week after, the treatment to dye their hair, although it’s preferred if dyeing or bleaching is avoided altogether throughout the course of treatments. Faye posted a follow up video saying she knew she’d bleached it, she just couldn’t remember if it was before or after her last treatment.

She then posted a quick clip of her arm ready for her blood to be taken but didn’t show a behind the scenes look at her getting the procedure, as her next story showed her revealing she was about to get botox to “Get rid of this tiny little line” as she pointed above her eyebrow.

Faye has previously opened up about her disaster with botox

Faye had previously opened up about her disaster with botox during her season of Love Island, revealing it had caused her eyebrows to droop. Faye now gets her botox done by Dr Motox at his private clinic, and showed the aesthetician on her stories, with them both joking there was nothing exciting being done.

Faye has always been open about her cosmetic procedures, admitting she had a breast englarement and lip fillers before going into the Love Island villa. After leaving the villa, she chose to get her lip fillers dissolved, saying she wasn’t a fan of how big her lips looked. Instead, she chose to get a ‘lip flip’ where a small amount is injected into the cupids bow of the top lip to make it appear more naturally fuller.

After her morning of treatments, Faye went on to treat herself to a trip to the spa before a late night working, showing just how quick the recovery time is after her PRP treatment.


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