We may be between Love Island seasons, but that doesn’t mean fans have stopped obsessing over the show’s glamorous contestants in the meantime.

Take Jessie Wynter, who first found fame on the second season of Love Island Australia back in 2019, also appeared on the UK winter edition earlier this year – eventually coupling up with Will Young, AKA Farmer Will.

The 26 year old recently took to TikTok to partake in a popular filter challenge that transitioned a snap of herself with brunette hair to blonde.

“Had to jump on the trend,” she captioned the clip alongside the “sassy” emoji, adding, “which do we prefer?!" to gauge her fans' thoughts.

Jessie shared a look at what she would look like with blonde hair in the viral social media challenge

When it came down to it, TikTok users were a pretty even split for team blonde and team brunette.

“Brunette for sure!!! I remember you being blonde in Love Island Australia! Brunette is your colour babe,” one wrote in the comments section of the post. "Brunette queen," another agreed.

"Girl I'm sorry but you need to go blonde," a third fan countered, as a fourth enthused, "Omg the blonde suits you so much".

Only time will tell if Jessie will take the plunge and go blonde for real, but filters aside, she did get an IRL hair makeover just last month.

Love Island star Jessie Wynter headed to the salon after leaving the villa for a full hair refresh

Jessie got a full set of extension from Molly-Mae's favourite brand, Beauty Works

Heading to Selfridges, the star had her old extensions removed and new ones fitted – using Molly-Mae Hague's extension brand of choice, Beauty Works.

Clearly, Jessie is lucky enough to be able to be able to pull off loads of different hairstyles and colours!


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