Is there anyone who hasn’t already binge-watched the new season of Emily in Paris? Most of us hit play as soon as the episodes dropped on Netflix at the end of December – and it seems even celebrities have been caught up in the show.

Liberty Poole, Love Island 2021 star, is channelling character Camille (played by actress Camille Razat) with a half-slicked-back hairstyle that wouldn’t look out of place on the fashionable streets of Paris. In fact, this style has become so popular since Camille wore it to her engagement dinner in episode ten that TikTok has been inundated with tutorials on how people can copy the look for themselves.

We’re not assuming that Liberty followed one of these herself, but we do wonder if her hairstylist Murray Owens used Camille as inspo for the style. The look involves pinning or tying back the fringe sections of the hair so they sit sleek against the head, while the body of hair gets straightened before being used to cover the fringe pins.

Left, Camille from Emily in Paris, right, Liberty Poole

Liberty has just posted a close-up look of her hair on her Instagram grid, captioning it: “I’m seriously unserious.”

Fans are yet to draw the comparison between Liberty and Camille, but plenty are keen to tell the former waitress how incredible she looks with her hair styled like this.

“I love the darker hair for you makes your eyes pop,” says one, referring to the fact Liberty has recently gone from a peroxide blonde to a darkier, ashier shade.

Another says: “Not over your hair like this,” while a third writes: “This look on you is perfect!”

The style seems relatively easy to copy, right? The real effort comes from making sure the sleek front sections don’t look frizz or have flyaway hairs. TikTok’s trick for combating this on long hair is to tie the front sections of hair back at the nape of the neck with an elastic band, instead of pinning them back behind the ears with bobby pins. This means the hair can be pulled back tighter, allowing for a long-lasting, sleek effect. If you have shorter hair or curtain bangs, however, you’ll have to stick with the bobby pin method as your front sections won’t reach the back of your head.

While the previous two seasons of Emily in Paris have had a strong focus on style, we love how this newest season has put a spotlight on hair and make-up. With Camille becoming our hair guru, Emily giving us all the lipstick inspiration we could want and Mindy teaching us that it’s always okay to go full-out with eye make-up, we already can’t wait for season four to teach us some more beauty lessons.


By Editor