Former Love Islander Lucinda Strafford has been rocking ashy blonde hair for quite some time now, but the influencer decided spring is the perfect time for a change as she debuted a brand new hair colour on Tuesday.

Lucinda ditched her long blonde locks in favour of a rich, warm brunette shade complete with caramel coloured highlights. Lucinda had appeared on season seven of Love Island back in 2021 where she was known for her long blonde locks and fiery personality, but since leaving the island she has become a fashion and beauty influencer, sharing her outfit inspiration with her more than 800,000 followers on Instagram.

The 23 year old underwent the daring blonde to brunette transformation with the help of James Lear, who’s known for his styling work with plenty of other celebs, including this season’s Love Island star Jessie Wynter.

In her Instagram stories, Lucinda shared a picture of herself following the colour transformation, saying: “My new hair shade!!” with a heart eyed and clapping hands emoji as she was fitted with new extensions.

Lucinda Strafford gets new extensions fitted to match her brand new brunette hair colour

Lucinda had blonde highlights place to give her hair a natural sunkissed look

Fans of Lucinda’s dramatic, waist length extensions don’t need to worry; the reality star kept her signature lengthy look, and was fitted with extra long extensions matching her new shade. The extensions were provided by influencer-favourite Beauty Works, who are known for their work with several former Love Island contestants, including an entire range created in collaboration with Molly-Mae Hague.

Lucinda can be seen getting the fresh new extensions fitted in her first photo, before sharing the finished look with her followers, including different shades of blonde and brunette that had been added to help give her hair some depth.

Lucinda had previously dabbled in the dark side when it came to her hair, with a much darker ‘bronde’ shade last year, but had gradually lightened her hair to a dark blonde, before committing to a much brighter, ashy platinum shade with darker lowlights and a shadow root.

Love Island's Lucinda has ditched her blonde locks in favour of something darker
Lucinda had much blonder hair in the villa

However, now she’s fully signed up to the brunette lifestyle, swapping her darker roots and lighter ends for an all over warm brown shade, with natural looking highlights and lowlights throughout her hair in a cooler toned blonde to give it a sunkissed look that’s perfect for spring.

After her fresh new look, Lucinda shared a video of her enjoying a night out with fellow former Love Island contestant Joanna Chimonades where the reality star’s brunette locks could be seen styled into glossy curls with hints of blonde running through them.


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