Any hair extension wearer will know that if tapes or bonds aren’t properly cared for, and if occasional breaks aren’t taken when needed, your natural hair can become damaged. One star who knows all about this is Molly Smith, who has just unveiled a very impressive before-and-after of her tresses.

The before shot shows the Love Island star with damaged lengths – most likely due to years of wearing extensions and a build-up of bleach damage – while the after shot shows Molly with seriously healthy and glossy hair.

The 27 year old, who appeared on Love Island’s very first winter show back in 2020, regrammed the series of snaps to her Instagram Stories. The first before shot of her hair, which was originally posted by her hairstylist Charlie (@charlie_theglambox), is captioned: “This was Molly’s hair when she first visited me”.

Left, Molly's hair before, right, Molly's hair after

The second image comes from Molly herself, who captions the after snap: “All mine, no extensions”.

The difference in her hair is incredible. Molly goes from having split ends and breakage to thick and perfectly conditioned lengths. The star credits Charlie for the work on getting her natural hair back to a good condition, but she doesn’t expand further on the hair regime that helped repair her lengths.

Though Molly is famous for her long, mermaid-like hair, she has seemingly been weaning herself off extensions these past few months. The model, who celebrated her two-year anniversary with Love Island beau Callum Jones last year, decided to take her extensions out back in August 2022 in a bid to give her natural hair time to grow and repair.

Love Island's Molly shows her shorter natural hair length

The star posted a series of TikToks showing off the natural look, with the first titled: “What we thinking of the bob?”.

The video received hundreds of glowing comments from fans telling Molly how much she suited shorter hair.

“You look so beautiful and classy with shorter hair,” said one, while another urged: “Go even shorter!”

A third said: “You’re absolutely unreal with and without makeup, your skin is amazing.”

With Molly’s hair in such good condition now, we can’t imagine she’d want to revert back to her extra-long, hair extension-heavy hair. Well, at least for a little while.


By Editor