We’ve all been for a haircut and had a mild meltdown when the stylist took off just a bit too much length from our ends, right? Well, Paige Thorne is taking meltdown to a whole new level. The Love Island 2022 star has decided to remove her hair extensions, but to say she doesn’t love the more natural look would be an understatement.

In a new TikTok video, the paramedic shows herself having a “toddler tantrum” in her car on the way home from the hair salon, and hilariously asks her followers if anyone else gets “so dramatic” after having a cut.

“Took my tapes out at the hairdresser yesterday and immediate regret,” she says, before skipping to footage of her having a meltdown in the car.

“What is that? Oh my God, oh my God,” Paige cries, showing her hair to the camera. “[The hair stylist] was like, ‘Oh do you like it?’ and I said no. Then she was like, ‘It looks lovely,’ and I was like, ‘No it doesn't, I look like Lord Farquaad from Shrek.’”

Love Island's Paige Thorne shows off her extensions-free look

Left, Paige having a mild meltdown, right, Lord Farquaad

Paige then transitions to a video of herself the following day, saying: “And now today I think it’s kind of cute. It’s still giving Lord Farquaad from certain angles but it’s not bad. Is anyone else that dramatic after a haircut?”

Paige’s fans are loving her reaction to such a “small” issue, with many keen to hype her up with comments about how great she looks with a more natural look. Others, however, have asked the star to put her problems into perspective.

‘Kim there are people dying,” jokes one, quoting Kourtney Kardashian’s famous line to her sister Kim Kardashian when she had a meltdown over dropping a diamond earring in the ocean.

“I’ve had full on toddler meltdowns before over my haircut lol, once I washed it it was fine,” says another follower, while a third adds: “Me too, I got like 2 inches off and cried my heart out.”

As for Paige’s new hair, we have to agree with her fans: there’s nothing wrong with her natural length and thickness, and her extensions-free hair doesn’t really have that “bowl cut” Lord Farquaad look. However, anyone who is used to wearing extensions will probably sympathise with her reaction.

We suppose it could be worse. Paige could have ended up looking like Donkey.


By Editor