There’s always a stand-out beauty moment on each Love Island series. We had Molly-Mae’s bun on series five, Faye Winter’s brown lipstick on series seven, and now we have Tanyel Revan’s lip gloss on this current ninth series.

If you’ve been keeping up with the recent episodes, you’ll know Tanyel is a fan of a glossy lip. However, Love Island watchers are wondering if there’s more to the 26 year old’s lip gloss habits than first meets the eye. Some Twitter users have even gone as far as to speculate that Tanyel brings out her thickest, stickiest lip gloss specifically for occasions when she wants to “swerve” being kissed.

“If a girl uses the lip gloss excuse to avoid kissing you, call it a day son. Tanyel does not like Kai at all,” one watcher tweeted back when Tanyel and Kai were an item.

“Not Tanyel layering on the gloss to swerve lipsing #LoveIsland,” commented another, while a third noticed: “Tanyel walks around with lip gloss 24/7.”

Love Island watchers have a theory about Tanyel's lip gloss

This is Tanyel's go-to lip gloss

Whether the theory is true or not – and if it is, we applaud Tanyel’s tactics – there’s no arguing the fact that the British public have an interest in the hair stylist’s make-up, with others asking for info on what she uses on her lips. “Tanyel babe what’s the lip combo?” questions one.

Fear not, we’ve found out the details you’ve been looking for. Boots has just let us in on Tanyel’s go-to lip gloss, and it’s a blast from the past. Mid-noughties girls might remember carrying a tube of Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Plucker Pillow Plump XXL Lip Gloss, currently £8.24 here, in their handbags. It’s also made its way into the villa this year, and has been glued to Tanyel’s lips since she discovered its plumping powers.

Thanks to a recent episode where the star plays with a tube of the gloss while she has a deep and meaningful poolside chat with Olivia, we also know she wears the shade Pink Well.

Anyone who has previously worn this gloss will know it’s a pretty thick formula. It’s definitely not one of these light lip oils trending thanks to the viral “clean girl aesthetic”. However, what it lacks in lightness it certainly makes up for in plumping power. A quick scan on the Boots website shows dozens of five star reviews for the gloss, with shoppers hailing it as being “tingly” and “seriously volumising”.

Well, if you have a Valentine’s Day date coming up with someone you want to keep a bit of distance from, there’s still plenty of time to pick up Tanyel’s go-to gloss!


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