We’re already predicting the winner of this year’s Love Island series, and it’s Tanyel Revan’s hair. It’s so thick, so shiny, so luscious that it deserves a whole show of its own, which is leading us to wonder what exactly are the secrets to Tanyel’s tresses.

We’ve been doing a little investigative work and we’ve learned that the 26 year old headed to her hair salon to have a balayage colour transformation shortly before heading into the villa.

Posting to TikTok, the Islander captions the clip: “Balayage by @Hairmett”.

Tanyel goes from a dark base tone with subtle highlights to a more caramel colour, with extra balayage lightness on the ends – perfect for the South African sunshine. The new shade complements her olive skin tone perfectly, which tells us she suits warmer colours.

Tanyel before heading to the salon, left, and right, after her balayage transformation

Tanyel is wowing ITV2 viewers with her incredible hair

Tanyel’s followers have been quick to tell the ITV2 star how incredible she looks, but a few of the comments are about whether her hair is real or the work of some very good extensions – something we’ve also been wanting to find out.

“Where’s your hair extensions from?” asks one, while a second says: “The most beautiful before and after.”

Though the star herself hasn’t confirmed whether she wears extensions or not – and she can’t now she’s in the villa – some of her followers have replied to the comments saying her hair is real. Sob. Tanyel near enough confirms this in the last video she posted before heading to South Africa. In the clip, the hairstylist shares her top tips for styling long hair.

“Get ready with me. I’m doing straight sleek hair. Products: Lisap heat spray protection & Moroccan oil,” she captions the tutorial.

Tanyel goes from wet hair to perfectly sleek and blowdried lengths with a mirror-like shiny finish. We say she confirms her hair is all hers because when she parts her hair for the camera, there are no visible tapes or bonds.

As the show heats up, we’ll be waiting for any more tips coming from Tanyel on hair styling.


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