If you cast your mind back to Married at First Sight UK’s 2021 series, you’ll probably recall some legendary brides ranging from Marilyse Corrigan to Nikita Jasmine. Fans of the E4 show will likely also remember Morag Crichton for her ill-fated marriage to Luke Dawson and, perhaps, for her beauty look.

When the show was airing, Morag, 31, became the of Twitter commentary after watchers debated what treatment she’d had done to her brows to give them a shiny appearance. It was popular speculation at the time that she’d had a tattoo procedure, largely due to the fact her eyebrows remained the same shape and colour in every episode.

“Has Morag had her eyebrows tattooed?’” asked one, while another noted: “Morag does have very shiny grey eyebrows.”

Morag with her old eyebrow tattoo pigment, left, and with her new microbladed brows, right

Now, we have all the answers. Morag has just taken to Instagram to update fans on her brow tattoo removal journey and claims her arches have been a source of ‘insecurity’ for her. The veterinary nurse also shares incredible before-and-after clips of her brows prior to having the old tattoo pigment lasered off and after having new ultra-realistic hair strokes created with microblading.

“Thank you so much to the wonderful team at @traciegiles_permanentmakeup for giving me the brow transformation of my dreams,” Morag writes. “It was never going to be easy but the team were up for the challenge. I’m so fair-haired I’m practically translucent, and top it off with super sensitive skin! What they achieved is incredible.

“Always been super insecure about this and was even nervous sharing this journey but if anyone else out there is struggling Tracie Giles has your back.”

Morag shows off the brow transformation process

The Reel shows the full process of Morag’s transformation, starting with the old brow pigment being lasered off. At this stage, the reality star gets incredibly emotional while looking into a mirror at her natural brows. Morag later went back to the clinic to have new eyebrows drawn on – this time with feather-light microblading strokes instead of the block shading she previously opted for.

Morag’s followers are taking to the comment section of the Reel to express their happiness for the star and her transformation.

“They look amazing! I’m gonna book in for some baby bushy brush strokes to fill in some gaps I have. They’re so so good!” says one, while a second adds: “I have invisible brows – eek! @traciegiles_permanentmakeup came to my rescue too. Your brows look amazing.”

We couldn’t agree more!


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