With a huge buzz around Love Island now happening, it feels odd to remember how obsessed we all were with Married at First Sight’s ninth season. Cast your mind back to last summer, though, and you’ll likely remember some of the more memorable contestants like April Banbury and Matt Murray.

You’ll probably also remember Chanita Stephenson, who was paired up with Jordan Emmett-Connelly. The marriage didn’t work out, but we’ve kept up with the bride on her Instagram since the show (and their nuptials) ended. Now, Chanita’s sharing a very different hair look on her grid to the one she wore on the E4 series.

Let the fun times be Jin,” she captions the new grid snap.

Last year when the series was airing on TV, we got used to Chanita wearing her hair in a mid-length cut. Her colour was also dark but slightly auburn-tinged. Now she’s trying out a bold new plum shade – and it looks incredible.

Chanita swaps between a plum purple and an auburn shade

Chanita also showed off a different hair look for the MAFS final last year

Fans have responded to the picture of the star with gushing comments about how happy Chanita looks, and how perfectly she suits the new hue,

“B-E-A-utiful! What hair colour is that darling?” asks one, to which Chanita replies: “Thank you, and I don’t know exactly but it’s @avedauk.”

A second follower raves: “Love your hair colour.”

This isn’t the 30 year old’s first hair transformation in recent months. Just before Christmas, Chanita surprised us with an ultra-lengthy braided hairstyle. The colour of her hair also looked much darker in tone, signalling she’d switched up her berry shade of gloss for a colour closer to her root colour. Again, Chanita’s dedicated followers heaped praise on this hair change.

“I love your hair like this,” said one, while a second wrote: “New hair, new you.”

A third commented: “Love, love, love your hair like that. You look incredible.”

Though sadly the star hasn’t confirmed which Aveda product she uses to swap between different plum and berry tones, we would imagine she goes to a hair salon for a professional Aveda colour treatment. With berries, coppers and generally warm hair tones trending this season, Chanita is bang on trend!


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