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Moroccanoil Treatment is the cult favourite hair product that plenty of celebs including actress Margot Robbie swear by for their shiny, healthy tresses.

Although there are plenty of products out there that promise to smooth frizz, add shine, and detangle hair, Moroccanoil has proved that they have one of the most loyal fanbases ever, with over 28000 five star reviews on Amazon praising the brand’s Treatment Original product, and it costs just £34.85 here.

The Moroccanoil Treatment Original promises incredible shine, as well as helps to detangle hair and tame frizz whilst simultaneously speeding up blow drying time. Its definitely multi-talented; as well as improving all those things, it also works as a conditioning, styling, and finishing tool, taking up a lot less space in your bathroom than needing six or seven individual products.

Margot Robbie had her hair styled using Moroccanoil Treatment for the premier of Once Upon an Time in Hollywood

The Moroccanoil Treatment is a cult favourite for achieving shiny hair

But why exactly is it so popular? Simple; it contains natural ingredients that don’t just improve the look of your hair, but actually help make it healthier and protect it from damage too. The main ingredient is Argan oil, which acts like a powerful antioxidant for your hair, as well as being a natural protector against UV to prevent damage from the sun.

The added vitamins also help to nourish your hair follicles, making it visibly stronger and boosting the elasticity of your hair, which means stronger, bouncier locks, and the fatty acids and Omega-3 oils also fill in any gaps in the hair strange, which leaves your hair looking thicker and fuller.

Although it started as a hairstylists secret, we’re not surprised word got out about it considering just how many different ways it improves the look and feel of your hair. Margot Robbie had her hair styled by Moroccanoil celebrity hairstylist Bryce Scarlett for her LA premiere look for Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and if that isn’t a good sign that it works then we don’t know what is.

Plenty of people are wary about adding oil to their hair, worrying it’ll make it look greasy and heavy, but when used right, there shouldn’t be any telltale signs that you’ve used an oil at all.

Moroccanoil Treatment Original can be applied to either damp or dry hair, with each option helping protect against different things. To create a foundation for styling and to help with blow drying, add to damp hair from the mid section through to the ends before blow drying and styling as usual.

Argan Oil helps improve both the look and the health of your hair

If you want to help tame frizz and protect your locks from the environment, such as sun damage, smooth it into dry hair from the mid-length down to the ends. This will also help give you long lasting shine, and tame those pesky flyaways.

Remember not to add too much – a penny sized amount should be enough for mid-length hair and will stop it looking too heavy and greasy in your hair. There were also plenty of happy commenter leaving tips and advice on how they use it in the Amazon review section, as well as some customers sharing other products they’d used that they’d loved.

One person said they had used both the Moroccanoil Treatment and the Simon & Tom Moroccan Treatment, £20.61 here and had loved the results of both products.

You can also incorporate argan oil into other steps of your haircare routine, such as including this JVN Pre-Wash scalp oil, £25 here, from Queer Eye’s hair guru Jonathan Van Ness’ haircare brand, or washing your hair with OGX Argan Oil of Morrocco hair shampoo, £3.32 here, and conditioner, £2.85 here, for a complete hair routine.


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