2023 really was the year of Margot Robbie. Sure, Barbie had her moment but it was the actress that had little and big girls worldwide in awe. Now, as she gears up to hit the Oscars 2024 red carpet, we already know the Aussie star is set to prove 2024 will be all about Margot as well.

New research also shows there were a whopping 78,072 articles in 2023 that mentioned her make-up, skincare or hair, proving Margot's beauty influence on the world is huge. Surely, then, any product she picks up is set for sell-out success? We know this to be true because last year she caused one skincare tool, in particular, to completely sell out: ZIIP HALO Facial Toning Device, now back in stock and available to shop for £379 here.

The surge in sales for the product, which only launched in the UK early last year, came after Margot spoke to The Telegraph, noting: "I've been using this nanocurrent and microcurrent device called ZIIP which has given me noticeable results. I'm not paid by the brand or anything, it's really, really good."

OK!'s head of beauty Zoe checked her cheekbones and jawline into a Margot Robbie-approved pre-red carpet bootcamp

Microcurrent has been a beauty buzzword for some time, but Margot certainly caused that buzz to soar. The ZIIP device itself works to tone the contours of your face by combining microcurrent with nanocurrent technology. Together they complement each other well, sending tiny electrical currents into the skin; microcurrent focuses on exercising the muscle tone beneath the skin, and nanocurrent enables your cells to repair themselves, resulting in a healthy-looking and radiant complexion.

Before using the ZIIP, you apply a quite sticky conductive gel all over your face and neck – this is packed with actives and transmits the current into the skin. There is also an accompanying app, where you’ll discover lots of different treatments – which are synced to your device via Bluetooth

OK's head of beauty Zoe tried out the device for a month and reports her findings here…

Zoe before using the ZIIP Halo, left, and right, after four weeks of use

I'll admit, I get sent a fair amount of beauty tech to test and I almost always fail to keep up with using it once the trial period is done. Mostly because the results are never quite as good as promised, and also because I keep my skincare routine fairly simple. However, when I was sent the ZIIP Halo, the promise of getting Margot Robbie-like bone structure really gave me the motivation to make it a permanent feature in my evening regime.

It's ideal because the recommended use is 2-5 times each week, so I haven't had to commit to using it nightly. I also was surprised by how much I loved the ZIIP app, which cleverly links to my device and offers me guided facial massages on the chosen area of my complexion. I love how it automatically links the settings and time on my gadget after the initial pairing so that I don't need to fiddle with any settings. All in all, it's incredibly user-friendly for even the least tech-savvy of us (me).

My problem areas are my marionette lines and the shadowing to the side of my lips – early jowls, I'm told. After four weeks of use, I'm amazed at how much improvement I've seen in that shadowing. Now, the area around my jawline and lips looks so much tighter, and my skin looks better even in harsh lighting.

I brought it back to my family home when I stayed for a weekend and my mum was so amazed by it, she went and ordered one for herself. I've also recommended it to several friends, so that's a true sign that it does what it says. My top tips now that I class myself as a regular user are to avoid using it if you're having a big breakout/have picked your spots because the microcurrent is very pinchy on sore spots. Also, use enough of the conductor gel to make sure you don't feel the zaps – it can be a little uncomfortable if you don't.

In conclusion, do I look like Margot Robbie? No, but I've seen for myself that this device works, so I'll be trusting all of her other beauty recommendations from here on out.

By Editor