Being a glamorous Love Island star doesn’t make you immune to skin problems, as Maura Higgins has bravely revealed. The Irish beauty has taken to Instagram to share details of her year-long acne battle, alongside candid photos of a separate “crazy flare up” she’s currently experiencing.

As well as getting real about her skin issues, the reality star even offered to help any fans who might be suffering the same surprisingly common condition she’s just been diagnosed with. What a sweetheart!

The candid reveal took place during Maura’s latest Insta Stories Q&A after one follower asked “Skincare? What do you use?” – presumably expecting to learn the secrets behind the star’s usual flawless-looking professional photos. But in response, Maura bravely ripped away the photo filters to post four close-up images of her lip and chin area, showing the area looking angry, bumpy and sore.

Fans are used to seeing Maura looking flawless

She explains that she’s suffering not one but two different skin conditions. “The acne has been occurring for a full year now (only on my chin area) which makes me think it’s hormonal, however I am seeing a great dermatologist in Feb about this,” she tells her 3.6m followers.

Now, however, some alarming new skin symptoms have just cropped up over the last fortnight, prompting Maura, 32, to become a Google skin sleuth.

“Unfortunately I have been suffering with my skin the past couple of weeks. During this crazy flare-up I started to get a very red bumpy rash around my mouth,” she says, referring to the condition shown in her photos. “I've got what looks like nappy rash on my face… need I say more.”

Maura shares her skin woes with her Instagram followers

“I've got what looks like nappy rash on my face," Maura says

“After a few days of research I discovered something called “Perioral Dermatitis” and after seeing my doctor he has confirmed that!” Maura adds that she’s been prescribed both oral antibiotics and a cream, but is wary of taking the pills for fear of them destroying her friendly gut bacteria.

“I have chosen not to take the oral antibiotics because as we all know it ruins your gut health so I have been trying loads of different creams,” she writes. “I cannot believe how common this is and how I had never heard of it before but if anyone else is suffering with this and wants to know what I have been using etc please let me know as I would be happy to share.”

According to the British Association of Dermatologists, perioral dermatitis is most common in women aged 20-50, and is actually a type of rosacea rather than eczema. It can last months until the cause is identified and addressed, so it sounds like Maura is doing the smart thing by seeking professional help.


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