We’re not even halfway through a cold winter, but we’re about to be blasted with plenty of sunshine from our TVs in the form of Love Island. The ITV2 dating show is coming back for a second winter series, and with its return comes a brand new host: Maya Jama.

Maya, 28, is gearing up for the show’s start date on January 16th by contemplating her hairstyle choices for the opening episode. The presenter ponders the question in a series of new Instagram Stories, where she asks followers to give her inspiration.

“What hair do we think I should have for the first episode of Love Island? Long and curly or do we do a straight, loose blow? Crimpy? Suggestions welcome,” she writes.

Maya says she's likely to go for a hair look like this one

Maya then shares a response from a fan who urges her to go for a classic Maya “long and curly” style.

“This is what I’m leaning towards,” she responds. “It’s funny because most of the boys are saying straight and ponytail, and the girls are saying long and curly. If I do a straight look and it's 30-40°C, I’ll get a curly fringe. It’ll be wet.”

So there we have it, we’re almost certainly going to be treated to a signature Maya look of flowing, curly tresses. If you can’t picture the exact look we’re talking about, have a glance at her Instagram holiday snaps from last March. When she’s in a humid location, Maya tries not to fight her curls and instead lets them fall naturally. Considering the location for winter Love Island is South Africa, which, as Maya says, is currently serving 30°C+ days, we think it’s a smart hairstyle choice for the host.

Maya heads for an Aquatight Facial at Shane Cooper

The star’s show debut hairstyle isn’t the only thing being discussed on her Instagram page this week. Maya has also given us a look at her Love Island skin prep, which sees her head for an Aquatight Facial at Shane Cooper London.

The facial, which costs £95 per session, combines three individual tools and a mixture of acids. The first step is a water-based peel, used alongside a vacuum to remove impurities like dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads from the pores.

Next, a mesoporation device, which uses hyaluronic acid and serums to restructure and oxygenate the skin tissue, provides long-lasting moisture. Finally, a diamond-grain tool is used to exfoliate and polish the skin.

One thing we do know for sure is that Maya will be *glowing* by the first episode.


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