Maya Jama is usually the queen of sleek straightened hair or a bouncy blowout, but her new curly updo is a major departure from her usual go-to style.

The Love Island presenter showed off her new look during a night out in London, where she shared photos to her Instagram story of her and her friend enjoying drinks at Bacchanalia on Wednesday night.

In the photos, Maya can be seen in a figure hugging stripy number, with her long locks piled on top of her head in an ultra-curly style.

Her hair was tightly curled into ringlets, and fastened to create a mullet style updo that had plenty of volume on top and at the back, whilst the sides were slicked back behind her ears to give the illusion of much shorter sides.

The top section of her hair was giving some major height, as the front sections trailed down the side of her face on one side to create the look of a faux side fringe.

Maya Jama just showed off her incredible curly mullet updo

Maya looks completely different with the edgy updo

Maya usually has much straighter hair

Maya’s usual style includes a sharp centre parting, with her long jet black hair typically being straightened and extra long. Or she opts for loose, blow dried curls that fall past her chest.

So her extra-curly new style is a huge departure for her, with the curls done so tightly that they barely came past her shoulders at the back.

She finished off the look with some subtle gold hoop earrings and a dramatic winged eyeliner look, with her light coloured nails visible in one shot.

The mullet has been having something of a renaissance recently, with everyone from celebs to fashion fans choosing to chop their hair into the iconic 80s style. Categorised by short sides and a long top and back sections, the modern version doesn’t involve quite such a commitment to the chop.

More commonly, the sides still have length, with the back and top sections simply being cut much longer than the sides and face-framing sections.

An ultra short micro fringe is also a favourite of the look, although a textured side fringe is also an updated version of the style.

Although we don’t think Maya’s committed to a full mullet cut, she's proven just how easy it is to get the look without going for the chop, just by using some clever styling techniques.


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