In a meticulous process spanning two months, Anna Sosina’s dragon nail look was created to reflect her commitment to artistry and professionalism.

Detailing the process of creating the intricate nail look, Anna reveals how her hard work on the nails came to become a stunning poster image, with the help of a photographer, model and make-up artist…

Anna Sosina

Anna Sosina

Embracing the world of international nail competitions in 2o23, Anna Sosina’s category of choice is Invent A Nail Shape, which has seen her earn accolades at Nailympia Orlando, Texas and London. “I was able to see and learn about so many incredible and creative nail shapes and designs, and I fell in love with the process of creating extreme nail styles,” she says.

Anna Sosina Dragon Nails Final 1

Working alongside Elena Popova to embark on a project for the new year, Anna’s dragon nail design from concept to final creation took two months. “Starting with the initial idea, I had to begin to implement my ideas onto the nail with close attention to detail. Beyond this, the process involved choosing costumes for the photo shoot, finding a studio, and selecting jewellery and makeup,” she reveals.

“The journey shows the professionalism of all involved and showcases our experience and achievements, as well as presenting my love for the art form of nails, with each step of the design creation marked by a desire for perfection.”

Filing The Shape

A range of techniques were utilised during the development of the nails. “Previous work with airbrushing, having knowledge of textures and being familiar with the behaviour of different nail products and systems helped me a lot,” explains Anna.

“Only professional manicure products were used to create the design, including gel and polygel products and rhinestones. I embraced the latest trends in the industry through the use of metallic gel paint and three-dimensional elements in the design.

Nails Before Colour

“When planning for the photo shoot, fitting the nails ahead of time helped a lot. We were able to understand how to correctly set the direction of the nails and how the hand fitted,” Anna recalls. “Because of this, everything went perfectly at the photo shoot and all efforts were directed at achieving perfect picture outcomes.”


Opting for a conservative approach to accessorising for the photo shoot, Anna notes the importance of all elements working together across the image. “I wanted to choose the best and most magnificent jewellery and clothes, but this would take the attention away from the nails.

“It was vital to ensure that the composition, make-up and model worked together harmoniously to convey the intended idea of the work, so I had to consider a range of factors at one time.


“Thanks to the experience of the make-up artist and photographer on set, the work was created in full confidence. Everyone understood what needed to be done and stepped up to show professionalism to the fullest.

“In many ways, the process was only successful due to the involvement and personal responsibility of each participant in the project, which I’m extremely grateful for.”

Dragon Elements

Imagery credits:

Nail artist: Anna Sosina

Model & make-up artist: Alina Zharovnia

Photographer: Elena Abramova

Anna Sosina Dragon Nails Final 2

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