It’s a new year (well, relatively) and as such Megan Fox wants a new look. Gone is her lengthy raven hair and in its place is a colour and style combination that we would have never expected the actress to want to try: a strawberry blonde shade and a shoulder-skimming bob.

Doesn’t sound very rock ‘n’ roll, does it? Well, as you might imagine, Megan has put her signature pouty stamp on the look, leading us to wonder if there’s a single cut or colour out there that the Transformers star couldn’t make work.

We know Megan suits a white blonde shade because she’s been wearing that look on and off for months, but we’re surprised to see this warmer and darker blonde also complements her skin tone perfectly. As for her new fringe, it’s been given a wispy appearance so that her dark eyebrows are still visible beneath it.

Would you recognise Megan with this hair?

The real change, though, is the length of her new hair. Megan tends to stick to relatively long hairdos, styled into tousled “après-sexe” waves (we haven’t made that up, she really did wear this look the other month), but she’s now opted for a much shorter length featuring gently curled-under ends. We wonder what her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly thinks of her look. Considering he usually gushes over his future wife in the comment sections of her Instagram snaps, we assume he loves the change.

We have to say, we would be very surprised if this look was a permanent new feature for Megan. The mum-of-three is known for turning to wigs when she wants to switch up her style quickly, so it’s likely this is just a fun, temporary change. Who knows, it might even be for a new project she’s filming. We can’t say for sure because the star didn’t explain what she was up to in the short Instagram Story clip showing the new ‘do.

Megan Fox tried out this season's trending hair colour: copper

Speaking of new ‘dos, it’s only been a couple of months since Megan revealed her last big hair transformation. The actress, 36, used November as a reason to switch up her dark brunette hair colour, opting instead for something much bolder and warmer in tone. Her hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos gave followers a full glimpse at the finished look in Instagram grid posts.

“Drop a comment if you love this colour as much as I do,” he urged fans, who, understandably, were left stunned at seeing long-time brunette Megan with a copper hair colour.

Like we say, if the colour exists, Megan can and will wear it.


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