It’s official – Michelle Keegan is our current style crush, and everything from her wardrobe to her beauty routine has got us trawling the internet to find out exactly how we can replicate it.

Although we’ve already managed to suss exactly which pieces she was wearing in her hit Netflix series Fool Me Once, her go-to haircare routine has remained somewhat elusive.

With hair that shiny we were expecting a strict, elaborate regime or at the very least an expensive treatment or two, however the real hero behind her glossy locks is altogether more affordable and easy to do yourself at home

Michele Keegan's shiny hair has got us all talking

In the past, Michelle shared on Instagram that she used the Argan Oil and Coconut Oil Hair Mask by Give Me Cosmetics, £15 here, to create her smooth, healthy-looking hair.

Although her Instagram post was marked as an ad, there was no denying the ultra-shiny results the mask yielded, as Michelle wrote: “I got sent this hair mask from @giveme.cosmetics and I’m not joking, the results are … AMAZING! Took it on holiday and haven’t stopped using it since, wait till the end to see the results.”

After explaining she was always on the lookout for products that helped replenish her hair, Michelle said the argan oil mask had given her incredible results after just a single use, leaving her hair soft, healthy looking and shiny.

As if we needed more convincing, the mask has also been used by other TV stars like Jennifer Metcalfe, who plays Merces McQueen on Hollyoaks and is also known for always looking ultra glam and put together both on and off-screen, and with such an affordable price tag we’ll definitely be adding it straight to our shopping baskets.

Michelle said she got instant results after using the mask once

Apart from the ‘amazing’ mask, Michelle has also previously revealed that she also swears by Beauty Works' 10-in-1 Miracle Spray, £11.99 here, to protect her hair from heat-induced damage, as well as the Balmain Leave-In Conditioner Spray, £33.25 here, to create even more of a shine.

Her stylist Harold Casey , has also previously given an insight into how he creates Michelle’s voluminous curls and shine, with his haircare kit including cult-favourite Color Wow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray, £27 here, and Bedhead by Tigi Head Rush, £14.90 here, both of which are known for creating a glass-like shiny finish.

With each product costing less than £35, it’s never been easier – or more affordable – to get Michelle’s glossy, TV-worthy hair.

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