After arriving on our screens as the girlfriend of Jamie Laing in Made in Chelsea, Frankie Gaff left the reality show in 2018, and since then has gone on to become a fashion and beauty influencer, as well as welcomed a new baby with her partner Jamie Dickerson.

Whilst she shares plenty of parenting tips and fashion inspo on her Instagram account, one beauty topic she has been pretty candid about is her struggles with thinning hair.

But in a recent Instagram story, she showed off an incredible before and after photos that show just how much it’s improved.

In her quest for thicker, longer, and ultimately healthier hair, Frankie revealed that she had been taking vitamins to help encourage her hair to grow.

Frankie shared with her followers that she uses vitamins to help boost her hair growth

Frankie shows off how much her hair has grown

Frankie shared her hair health update, sharing with her followers that not only can she see a difference, but she can feel one too.

Showing off how glossy her locks look, Frankie said: “My hair feels amazing. It feels thick… it kind of went a bit dry, but now it’s gone super soft and luxurious and I love it at the moment” before she holds up the vitamins she’s been using to achieve the transformation.

She explains that she has been taking the vitamins, which are the Hair + Energy Formula vitamins from JSHealth, £29.99 here, to help boost her hair quality. The vitamins not only improve your hair health, but also support your energy too and boost nail health and growth.

The vitamins contain iodine from JSHealth Kelp™ as well as zinc, both of which help to maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails. When it comes to boosting your energy, iodine also helps manufacture the thyroid hormones, which in turn help to regulate metabolism and energy production throughout the body.

The Hair + Energy vitamins from JSHealth are behind Frankie's hair growth

The Made in Chelsea star showed off how her hair has changed since taking the supplements

Frankie revealed she’s been taking the tablets twice a day for four months so far – although the JSHealth website recommends only taking one – before showing her followers a before and after snaps of her hair transformation.

The pictures included one of her hair before, as well as one at the two month point, and one taken now, which show the improvements.

Although, of course, it’s difficult to tell how much healthier and softer her hair feels from photos, it is clear that there has been substantial growth, and it does look noticeably softer and shinier the most recent photo.

Taking supplements is a great way to boost vitamins that you may be naturally lacking, or to supercharge some areas that aren’t performing as well as they should be. Please don’t just take just anything though – make sure it’s all been properly tested and the ingredients are safe. You can read our helpful guide to choosing the best supplements for you if you’re not sure where to start.

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