If you have a dark skin tone, you might have previously struggled to find contour products deep enough to sculpt your cheekbones. Many products on the market only cater for light to medium skin tones, but there’s a new launch going viral on TikTok that promises to be inclusive of melanin-rich complexions.

Milk Makeup’s Sculpt Stick, £22 here in four shades, is gaining plenty of praise after a host of influencers posted tutorial videos trying it out. User Golloria is the creator of a top-liked video where she claims the range features “the darkest contour shade to exist”.

“Milk Makeup literally just created the darkest contour stick to exist, and they did it on their first launch of this product. This is the darkest shade of the new Sculpt Stick and it’s giving inclusive,” she says. “Let’s see what we’re talking about. Oh my god! That contour stick is darker than me. This is true inclusivity. It blends like butter! This is how you do a contour launch.”

“Milk Makeup literally just created the darkest contour stick to exist," says one TikTok user

The video has racked up over 4k comments from impressed followers who are praising the brand for its shade options and Golloria for her results following the try-on of the shade Sizzle.

“They’re iconic for this one,” says one follower, while a second writes: “This makes me so happy because I’ve never seen this dark of a shade”.

A third watcher asks: “How is it compared to Fenty?”

Golloria responds: “I love Fenty but this one is slightly darker and easier to blend”.

This new launch comes in four shades to suit light, medium and dark skin tones

The influencer does go on to say that she has a few minor qualms with the Milk product, namely that it’s small in size and that the product tip breaks off easily. However, her overwhelming response is positive.

The reason this contour stick is being compared to Fenty’s offering is because Rihanna’s beauty brand is known for being incredibly inclusive when it comes to shade choices. The Match Stix Matte Skinstick, £23 here , from the core make-up range has been praised since its launch for being available in 20 different shades to suit light, medium and dark skin tones.

There’s plenty of space on shelves and online for any product available in an expansive range of shades, so we’re here for any brand offering inclusivity like Fenty and Milk.


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