Celebrity manicures are getting more and more complex. Gone are the days when they’d walk into a nail salon and ask for a nice neutral shade. Now, there seems to be a competition to find colour combinations that have the potential to go viral on social media.

Hailey Bieber kicked off the trend, ultimately earning herself the unofficial title of Nail Inspo Queen, but Millie Court seems to be making a bid for her crown. The Love Island 2021 winner is showing off her own mocha take on Hailey’s “glazed donut” manicure, and it’s perfect for the cosy season.

If you managed to miss the viral trend on TikTok and Instagram last summer when the original glazed nails went wild, the look is essentially a pale polish combined with a pearlescent chrome top layer. The result is a glazy, milky white shade. Very chic, and perfect for accentuating a summer tan.

Millie, however, is bidding to make a glazed mocha tone the new mani trend for winter. Showing off her own nails on her Instagram Stories this week, the 26 year old captions the snap of her hands: “Nails inspired by the queen herself @haileybieber”.

Millie shows off her new manicure

The original glazed donut nail look

Millie’s nails do indeed have a ring of Hailey’s original manicure, but instead of the pearly white undertone, they have a light mocha tinge. If you want to copy the look for yourself, try asking your nail technician for a light, warm brown tone and a chrome finish. The chrome will be applied as a powder before being set with a gel top coat.

Perhaps Millie’s mani looks a little bit more like Hailey’s second take on her own glazed trend: chocolate ganache nails. The variation went viral before Christmas, with users loving the deep, rich brown tone combined with a lighter chrome powder. Plus, the brown shade is very easy to customise to suit all skin tones.

After the ganache nails came Hailey’s final (for now) variation on the donut nails. For Christmas, the model combined the pearlescent polish with red French tips – very festive. She called the look ‘glazed candy cane' nails to reflect the red and white of the festive candy.

We’ve covered donut, mocha, chocolate ganache and now mocha nails, so we have to wonder: what sugary treat will inspire the next manicure craze? And will it come from Hailey or someone else?


By Editor