Molly-Mae Hague has become our "it" beauty guru in recent months. If she shops for certain skincare brands, we also shop those same skincare brands. If she tries out a new variation on her Love Island bun, we also try out that variation of the updo. The 23 year old's influence also extends to her haircut and colour – something she's proving today.

The new mum, who gave birth to baby daughter Bambi back in January, has just debuted the new fringe hair transformation on her Instagram. We already sense the look will be popular with her Instagram followers as she's receiving plenty of positive feedback from her followers.

Molly-Mae shows off her new fringe

"Got bangs," Molly-Mae captions the reveal photo of her new look.

Her new hair now features fresh layers around the front sections of her hair. The exact name of the style is "curtain bangs" or a "curtain fringe" – characterised by the ends of the hair falling somewhere below the upper nose and the chin. Some hair experts would even call this cut a "butterfly" fringe.

As we say, fans are loving the change to the star's signature long and single-length tresses, with plenty of followers taking to the comment section to tell her how much she suits the fringe. Others are tagging in their friends to ask whether they should get a Molly-Mae-inspired fringe for themselves.

"Big fat yes to the curtain bangs!! obsessed," says one, while a second commenter writes: "Girls, this is your sign to put the scissors down and see a profresh".

A third adds: "Banging!" with a fourth saying: "Now I need bangs".

Molly-Mae has taken the plunge and chopped her hair after pondering the change of style on her Instagram in mid-March. The star posted a selfie to her page with the text: "Kinda wanna get curtain bangs… kinda too scared".

An overwhelming percentage of her followers urged the blonde beauty to go for the chop, however, there were a few (her sister, namely) who said she should stick to her signature look.

"If I told you this you’d tell me absolutely not. There’s your answer!!!!," Zoe Hague wrote.

"Why not get some temporary shorter extensions at the front to see if you like them? Takes ages to grow out if you don’t like them," suggested another follower.

A third was all for the transformation, writing: "I did it and it changed my life/career," with another fringe fan agreeing with: "Go for it… it's just hair, it will grow back if you don't like!".

Molly-Mae captioned the snap: “Assignment: SHORT SHORT”

Molly-Mae doesn't often treat us to a big beauty transformation – and why would she when her current looks is so flawless? – but when she does, she goes big. Back in February last year, she cut her long hair into a very blunt bob, prompting a social media frenzy as fans questioned whether it was the work of a wig or a real cut.

As it turned out, Molly-Mae really did go for the chop, but has been growing her natural hair out in the months following the big change.

We think it's safe to say the star really does suit any style!


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