Migraines, with their myriad triggers from stress to hormonal fluctuations and even weather changes, can strike without warning and sabotage your day. Unlike your typical headache, migraines render you extremely sensitive to light and sound, causing unbearable pain for some of us. While retreating into a dimly lit room and taking pain relief can help ease the impact of them, there's nothing better than a quick-acting solution to get your day back in order.

That's why former Love Island star Molly Smith had her DMs flooded after revealing her affordable cure for migraines. The reality star posted on Instagram about using a migraine cap, adding: "My DMs blew up over this haha, I'm not sure which one I've got but there are so many on Amazon." She also shared a link to the ONLYCARE Migraine Relief Cap, priced at £19.95 here – which acts as a natural pain-relief solution when migraines attack.

Molly Smith raved about her migraine cap on Instagram

Physically, the migraine cap sits somewhere between an oversized, cushioned eye mask and a rubbery beanie hat. It fits snugly over the top half of your head, complete with a handy hole at the top that's handy for long hair, reports the Mirror.

For anyone who's suffered a migraine, they'll understand why applying pressure to your head offers short term relief, and it's this that makes these caps so effective. It delivers gentle pressure to your entire head, creating an entirely lightproof environment that prevents light-activated triggers. It's also designed to stay cool for long periods, helping to subdue the pulsating sensation of blood rushing through your head.

The gel-like substance shapes itself around your head and face for a snug fit while preserving the soothing cool sensation, providing swift relief when relentless migraines strike. It covers all the usual migraine hotspots too, inlcluding your temples, behind your eyes and across your forehead.

The migraine cap helps block out light and applies light pressure

Customers have been eager to shower praise on the cap via reviews. One satisfied user gushed: "Great comfort, stays cold for a really long time, doesn't smell strange either."

Another user delightedly penned: "Really good quality and quite heavy. Wish I had got one sooner."

One shopper mentioned: "I have recently began suffering with migraines and on a desperate whim ordered this to try and help the pain when trying to get to sleep. This cap is really comfortable and has the benefit of covering your eyes as well. After only a short time in the fridge it becomes and stays really cool for a long period. The only issue I had is that it can be a bit uncomfortable on the ears if sleeping on your side with it for a long period of time. Overall, I am happy with this product! ".

If you're after something less intrusive for a good night's sleep, a simple pack of migraine strips, such as these Kool 'n' Soothe Migraine, £3.49 here, could be a great alternative. You can place them exactly where you need the most relief. Plus, they're lightweight and lay completely flat on your skin, making it easier to drift off while wearing them.

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