As we sit backstage in the glam room gearing up for an exciting OK! shoot we have coming up with The Traitors finalist Mollie Pearce, the model looks every bit at home getting her make-up done by a professional. We get to talking about skincare and make-up as we share tips about beauty products, and it's here that Mollie lets us in on her secret skin woes.

"I wish I could go without make-up more but I have acne," she says, lamenting the fact that she doesn't go foundation-free as often as she'd like to. "I almost didn't go on the show because my skin flared up so much."

Mollie made it to the final of The Traitors S2

This news might come as a surprise to BBC watchers, as Mollie looked radiant when we watched her on screen. The star credits her smooth-looking skin to the fact she has her make-up regime perfected.

She continues: "It's hard having acne and being a model, too. Almost feeling like I have to apologise to the make-up artists for having breakouts."

As our own make-up artist preps her skin, she tells her it's no issue at all. We get to talking about how acne is something we make seem like a bigger problem in our own minds, and how normal it is to not have 'perfect' skin. "Do you watch Alix Earle on TikTok?" Mollie asks. We say we do. Side note for those not on the app, Alix is an American mega-influencer and the current 'it girl' of the social world. "Seeing her with acne helps a lot. Seeing real skin and spots on social media makes me feel so much better."

So what did the 22-year-old use to cover her breakouts while she was filming? Mollie helpfully details the contents of her make-up kit here…

Mollie's Traitors make-up kit must-haves

The Traitors star Mollie Pearce shares her make-up favourites

NARS Cosmetics Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, £39 here

Mollie says she swears by this foundation, which gives a lightweight medium-to-full coverage foundation (depending on how much you build it up) that encourages a lit-from-within glow.

e.l.f Halo Glow Liquid Filter, £15 here

The model says she'd love to use a full kit of Charlotte Tilbury, but she turns to elf to get the look for less. This multi-purpose liquid glow booster is infused with skin-loving ingredients to give the complexion a soft-focus filter and can be worn alone or under foundation.

e.l.f Hydrating Camo Concealer, £7 here

For extra coverage on areas where she gets breakouts, Mollie uses this crease-resistant, full-coverage concealer with a satin finish.

Made by Mitchell Swirl Solution, £10 here

"I get a few things from TikTok's make-up shop," Mollie tells us, listing this as her recent purchase. The clever liquid is designed to change up your eyeshadow or loose pigment into a gel or liquid consistency, meaning you can easily create liners, gels and cream products.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Whirl, £22 here

For lips, the star says she always turns to MAC, noting that the shade Whirl is her go-to for daily wear.

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