Every nail professional needs insurance; whether working from home seeing just a few clients each week, on a full-time or self-employed basis.

I’ve heard some nail techs say that they don’t have insurance as they only see a few regular clients, family members and friends for appointments. These techs still need insurance, as unfortunately no one can guarantee that an accident won’t happen during a treatment, and so cover needs to be in place.

It is vital to ensure that you take out insurance with a reputable insurance broker. If you attend private accredited courses, ask your training provider which company accredited the courses, and who they would recommend. Sometimes, they can provide a discount code to save you money on your policy.

Your insurance policy should include the following cover:

  • Professional Treatment Risks Insurance: in case anything happens while you are performing a treatment.
  • Public Liability: should any accidents occur.
  • Product Liability: should there be any injury or loss arising from the products you used during treatments. This can also include retail products sold to clients.

Nail Salon Man Woman Manicure

If you have a salon and employ staff members, a larger policy is required to offer higher levels of protection for you, your premises and team.

Insurance brokers will be able you talk you through the policies and determine a package that is right for your salon. It’s important to answer all questions as truthfully as possible, to ensure that the policy is the right one for your business.

Contact multiple insurance companies to ensure you get the best policy for your business. Some firms do not cover online learning or courses that haven’t been completed in the UK, so carry out all the necessary checks. Ensure you have a certificate in every treatment that you perform, as without these, you are not covered in the event of a claim. Years ago, I did in-salon workplace training in a number of beauty treatments. Even though I was competent in all these treatments, I did have to undertake training again to gain the certificate and get insurance.

When taking out a policy, always read the small print and make sure you follow all terms listed in the policy. Quite often, in the event of a claim, something in the small print may have been missed, so the insurance will be invalid.

If you’re a college student currently training, you can take out student insurance. This ensures that you’re covered while practicing and once qualified, you can usually pay the difference and upgrade your policy. If you are a mobile therapist, check that you are covered to drive for business purposes by asking the provider of both your car and business insurance.

Insurance can seem like a bit of a minefield, so it’s important to research what’s best for you and note your renewal date. My salon and academy insurances expire at the same time, so I dedicate a day every June to sort them both out together. I pay yearly too, as it is a little cheaper to do it this way.


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