Nail Tech Talk: Alice Molyneux of Cherry-B Studios

Alice Molyneux of Cherry-B Studios sits down with Scratch to chat about her inclusive nail studio and her future career goals…

“My signature style is something that is painterly and realistic looking, such as dreamy skies, portraits, foliage and fine line illustrations,” Alice shares. “I also enjoy designs that require close precision, such as flames and line work.

“My must-have products are Nail Order’s XGloss, which is a topcoat that’s like glass, Brillbird’s Brush and Go gels in Black and White for line work, and chrome.”

“It’s super important to me to have a vegan and cruelty free studio firstly for the obvious – to avoid aiding the rise of brands that do animal test,” she explains. “Secondly, to make our space one that the vegan community will be safe and happy to be part of.

“I don’t see why you wouldn’t shop vegan and cruelty free, when there’s such easy access to quality animal friendly products.”

“I have so many designs in my head, if I get given a colour scheme, I’ll go from there! I find inspiration literally everywhere – tattoos, album artwork, paintings, fabric, whatever!”

“One of my favourite things about this career is getting the opportunity to create looks for people,” Alice enthuses. “I love more than anything that I get to create art every day as my job,” she smiles. “There’s something super satisfying creating the structure of the nail so perfectly, plus the science behind how it all works.”

“I love that there are so many like-minded artists that share the same passion in making people feel incredible with a piece of your art.”

“We see our studio as a safe space for everyone,” Alice says. “It’s somewhere for everyone regardless of gender, race, age and sexuality.

“To help someone express themselves with their nails is something that should be an inclusive experience.”

“Nails have been known to be a huge statement of expression and it’s something that I strongly believe is for everyone, always.”

“There have been so many amazing moments in my career so far,” she reflects. “The two that stick out in my mind are opening my high street studio during the pandemic and having a team of incredible artists at my side.

“Another big one was having the opportunity to create a set of nails for one of our beautiful clients for a clothing collection with a high street brand!”

“My goal is to get to work on beauty or fashion campaigns, creating nail looks for the brands and designers.

“I’d love to be a brand ambassador for nail and skin brands that stand for all the good stuff,” Alice reveals. “I’d love to expand our high street studio and start an academy for aspiring nail artists -I want to do it all really!”

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