Nail artist, Amy Skillicorn of Nails By Amy, shares her love for natural and minimalistic nail looks, and reveals her plans for the future of her business…

“I love all types of different of nail designs, but I definitely have a favourite,” Amy laughs. “My favourite style would have to be minimalist nail art. I can’t get enough of simple and neat designs.”

It’s not just Amy who’s a fan of minimalist styles – her clients often opt for natural-looking styles. “They go for neutral shades and more simple nail art. I see a lot of white and nudes!”

A lover of builder gel for its natural look and added strength, Amy’s favourite to work with is Glossify’s Naturabuild. “I love all of the Naturabuild colours,” she enthuses.

“I love the texture and how easy the application is, and how long and healthy clients can grow their nails without any chipping or lifting.”

“I love everything about the nail industry, especially all the amazing people I’ve met,” she smiles. “I love how positive the nail community is.

“The nail community is always supporting and uplifting each other, and I think that’s what makes it so special.”

“My career has been so fulfilling, and I’ve made so many great memories right from the start. The skills that I’ve been taught and the experiences I’ve had have all been absolutely amazing.

“Working with such amazing girls within the salon that I’m at, and having the opportunity to work alongside incredible brands, are definitely up there in my career highlights so far.”

“My main goal for my future in nails is to work alongside more nail, skin and jewellery brands, and to make a move more towards the content creation side of my business,” Amy concludes.

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