Builder gel manicurist, Georgia Rose of Georgia Rose Nails, chats to Scratch about her love for the nail community and her advice for aspiring techs.

After nearly five years of offering gel, builder gel and acrylic services, Georgia Rose opted to fully emerge herself in builder gel in 2022, specialising because of her love for the medium.

“To me, builder gel really is the holy grail of the nail world, due to its very natural and light feel,” Georgia enthuses. “It’s so versatile and allows clients to achieve natural nail growth that they previously didn’t think was possible. I find it so rewarding to see my clients return time after time with natural growth supported by my builder gel manicures.”

Georgia’s all-time favourite nail style to create is a classic French manicure. “I love very simple and clean designs, and I’m a firm believer that sometimes less is more.

“Most of my clients opt for a French manicure, or a nude builder gel with simple nail art,” she reveals. “Popular designs and colours change in line with the seasons with my clients, so it generally depends what season we’re in when it comes to what shades they go for.”

“I love working in the industry so much because of the nail community – everyone uplifts and supports one another. The nail community really is wonderful to be part of, and is so welcoming.

“I’ve never worked in such an uplifting line of work, and I’m so grateful to have found my passion,” Georgia beams.

Georgia shares that the highlight of her career was putting her fears aside and opening her own salon in Leyland, Lancashire, and looks forward to achieving many more of her goals.

“I hope to one day become a nail educator to support aspiring nail technicians starting out in the industry,” she shares. “I’m passionate about helping people achieve their goals, and it feels like the next natural move for me within my career.”

“My top three tips for any aspiring nail tech would be to have patience, self-belief and drive,” Georgia notes.

“You’re not always going to get it right the first time, but if you believe in yourself and are persistent, then you’re taking all the steps in the right direction.”

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