One evening in 2017, Hayley Partridge had a vision, in which she and her husband, Dave, were presenting a nail product at a trade show. Fast forward seven years and the pair has proven that a vision can become a reality, with professional nail brand, Nailchemy, thriving under their operation.

Dave & Hayley Partridge

Dave & Hayley Partridge

Just like the magic that brought the idea of Nailchemy to them, ‘creating magical nails’ is the focus and tagline of the company’s vast product range. Now, the Somerset-based brand is continuing its commitment to customer satisfaction by rebranding.

“It was in May 2017 when Hayley told me about her dream, yet she couldn’t remember the name of the brand we presented in it: just that it linked to nails and alchemy,” reveals Nailchemy co-founder & director, Dave Partridge. “’Nailchemy?’ was my instant response, and we both got goosebumps. That day, I registered the domain name, social media handles and trademark, and in September 2017, Nailchemy officially launched.”


“After nearly seven years of the same packaging, we feel it’s time for a fresh look,” detail Dave and Hayley, who is principal tutor for educational arm, Nailchemy Academy. “From soak-off products such as Gel Polish and Builder Gel to Origin Hard Gel, Aura Acrylic-Gel and Genesis Acrylic, Nailchemy covers every core nail product category. We also offer an extensive range of nail art products, from Artisan Gel Paints to Glitter and Chrome Powders, and provide nail tech essentials, including manicure and pedicure products, tools and liquids.

New Bottles

“With the rebrand, our UV Gel Polishes and Soak Off Builder Gels are now housed in sophisticated, black square bottles with rose gold lids,” the duo continues. “We’ve listened to customer feedback by introducing Gel Polish in a 10g size priced at £8.99 + VAT, and Soak Off Builder Gel and Gel Polish Essentials in 17g bottles for the same price as the previous 15ml size.

“But our rebranding efforts are not just about aesthetics and pricing: they include a commitment to product safety and compliance.

“We’ve reformulated our Gel Polishes to be HEMA and TPO-free, in line with upcoming regulatory changes. We’re working tirelessly to ensure that all Nailchemy products meet regulatory requirements well in advance of deadlines,” the pair concludes. Nailchemy is a member of the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Perfumery Association (CTPA) and last year, received Trading Standards UK’s Buy With Confidence stamp.

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