Nailympia London 2023 unveils themes for online competitions

Nailympia Competitions, the globally renowned competition organisation for nail professionals, has revealed the nail art themes for its online competitions at Nailympia London 2023.

The competition will take place on Sunday 1 and Monday 2 October at leading trade beauty exhibition, Olympia Beauty. Themes for its online categories are as follows:

Runway Nails

Theme: WIZARD OF OZ – 3 nail tips all depicting this

Invent a Nail Shape

Theme: ARABIAN NIGHTS – 1 extreme nail

Flat Art

Theme: SPEAKEASY – 10 nails, 5 sizes, gap between nails

Reality Nails

3 nails – 3 themes – quick salon art (points for simplicity)
1st nail tip – POETRY IN MOTION
2nd nail tip – HOUSE OF CARDS
3rd nail tip – LEATHER & LACE

Nailympia London 2022: 1st place, Division 1 – Mixed Media – Dung Fox Nguyen (USA)

Nailympia London‘s Mixed Media category also remains for 2023 – an open theme on 10 nail tips of 5 sizes with gaps between each nail tip.

The deadline for the online nail art categories is 18 August 2023.

Cover image nail credit: Nailympia London 2022 – 1st place, Division 3 – Flat Art – Ivonne Voight (Germany)

By Editor