Nicole Scherzinger is the queen of transitions on TikTok, making magical leaps from solo boogying to leading a dance troop with a click of her fingers, or from before shots to all made-up-and-decked-out in one hand movement. She’s mastered the art better than a Gen-Zer with a new iPhone.

Her most recent Instagram video is no exception, but even we’re impressed with this hair trickery. The singer, robed only in one of those skinny white dressing gowns that is de rigueur for A-listers being preened by professionals, goes from long hair to bob in one hand clap. She starts with almost waist length poker straight hair that looks like a mix of her own natural mid lengths plus some extensions (but could be all her own – maybe she’s just phenomenally lucky).

The ‘before’ hair is matched with a no make-up look that some fans said made her look like Zoe Saldaña but we think is giving more of a Michelle Yeoh vibe. And just to clarify here, though we’re calling it a ‘before’, Nicole looks pretty mint – with pin-perfect, super shiny locks, on fleek brows and perfect skin. Kind of what we aim for with an ‘after’ shot.

Nicole with long straight hair before and right, with the pin-up bob

Still, one clap of the hands later and she has an amazingly styled chin length bob, in a real ‘Marilyn in the early 60s’ style. It has stacks of volume – to the side as well as in height, amazing mirror shine and a loose, wavy curl with a fringe quiff that’s almost vertical.

“Let’s get this week started right. I hope y’all are feeling good!” she says in the caption, and yes, we are. As are her fans in the replies. “Nic, you look awesomely stunning and gorgeous as always….don't ever change,” said one. Another enjoyed the editing, saying, “You literally ALWAYS have the best transitions.”

But “how?” was the question on most people’s minds. “Hooow do you do this haaaiiir? I already asked before,” begged one follower, and that’s what we’re trying to work out too. Nicole didn’t reveal the stylist behind this particular look so it’s all speculation, but here is ours.

Left: Nicole went for a sleek bob look back in November. Right: her trademark waves

It’s such a change that it looks like a cut, but we’re certain it’s not (apart from anything, Nic is back to long locks already). It could be extensions being removed and replaced later, or expert styling including pinning the lengths under to create more volume and a shorter, bob style. Or it could be the best of all cheats – a wig.

It’s also not the first time this season Nicole has come up short – back in November she went for a long and sleek bob which she wore to a Masked Singer event, then was back to waist length locks within the week.

We can't wait to see what 2023 brings for Nicole's hair!


By Editor