After having to postpone her wedding at least twice, former Love Island star and TV personality Olivia Attwood has confirmed that her wedding to fiancé Bradley Dack will finally go ahead in 2023.

Although she’s been keeping the exact date a secret, her wedding preparations are in full swing, with Olivia’s latest pre-wedding treatment being the Nefertiti lift.

In a video posted on TikTok by Dr Saleena Zimiri, founder of the Skin Doctor clinics who Olivia has trusted with many of her fillers and aesthetics, Dr Zimri talks through how the procedure works, and explains the benefits of getting the lift done.

Dr Saleena Zimiri explained how the Nefertiti lift works in her latest TikTok video

The Nefertiti lift gets its name from the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, who is considered to be an icon of feminine beauty and was known for her elongated thin neck. The lift aims to give customers a similar result by injecting small amounts of botulin type A into the muscles that run from the bottom of your face to your collarbone, which helps contour your face and jawline.

In the video, Dr Zimiri asks Olivia to pull a sad smile, before pointing out the depressor muscles around the mouth and jawline that pull the face downwards. As we age, these muscles start to drop, which causes the jawline to lose definition. By injecting the botulin toxin into the muscle, it allows the corners of the mouth to lift.

In the TikTok video, Olivia is asked to pull the sad face again, before tensing her neck so Dr Zimri can mark the areas where the injections need to be placed.

Olivia barely flinched during the procedure

The 31 year old barely winces during the injections, and one commenter asked if it was painful injecting into a tensed muscle, with Dr Zimir replying saying: “Not at all, barely feel x”.

Due to the nature of the procedure it’s possible to have some bruising and swelling afterwards, which should last around a day, but then you can go right back to your normal routine. The effects of a Nefertiti lift typically last around three to four months, although its possible to still see results after six months if a higher dose is administered.

The TV personality has always been honest about the work she’s had done, and has slammed other celebs in the past for lying about cosmetic tweaks, saying honesty is refreshing when it comes to things like this.

Dr Zimri also shared the video to her 72.6 thousand Instagram followers, thanking Olivia for letting her do an impromptu explanation video of the procedure with her. The star replied in the comments, joking: “And I look stunning for the occasion too” with a laughing emoji, before calling the doctor “the best”.

You’ll need a consultation beforehand, however Dr Zimri replied to one commenter saying if you were suitable you could have the procedure done the same day.


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