The Princess of Wales has delighted royal watchers by bringing more than a touch of her wedding day look to the Coronation ceremony. As well as wearing robes from her wedding gown designer, Alexander McQueen, Kate opted for a defined smokey eye, not dissimilar to the make-up she wore for her marriage to Prince William.

The Princess arrived for the Coronation ceremony with make-up that, just like her wedding day look, put all the emphasis on her eyes. Her upper and lower lashline were defined with dark kohl, and the look was further intensified with rich, chocolate brown eyeshadow smoked out beyond the crease.

Princess Kate revists her wedding day make-up look

Just as she did when she said “I do”, Kate opted for a soft rose tone on her lips. A similar rose-pink tone on the cheeks was used to pull the look together, again echoing her wedding day face.

Her eyebrows were also perfectly defined, with a groomed, neat shape similar to her 2011 look. While other women may have embraced the bushy brow trend, Kate’s Coronation look shows she’s stuck to what works for her over the past 12 years.

The Princess of Wales, went for a classic 'Kate' make-up face

Beautiful brows have always been part of Kate's signature look

There are no details yet on who did her make-up, or what products were used, and we won’t hold our breath on that score. The details of Kate’s wedding day make-up remain a secret to this day, and we expect her Coronation look to remain just as discreet. However it has long been rumoured that Kate did her own face after getting lessons from A-list make-up artist Hannah Martin, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that today’s look was created by her own hand.

Kate has gone for her go-to combination of rosy cheek and lip

There is one key difference with her Coronation look, however. At her wedding, Kate’s kohl was extended all the way along her inner lash line, and was criticised in some quarters for looking a little heavy.

Today’s kohl look is noticeably softer under the eyes, but combined with a more intense smoky shape above the lash crease that wings slightly upwards. Creating a subtle visual lift, it’s a popular trick employed by make-up artists on women 40+. If Kate’s been taking more lessons, they’re the right ones.


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