If you have fine hair, or if you have hair that never seems to look luscious or full no matter how long you spend growing it, you might want to make like Rachel Stevens and look into "invisible" hair extensions.

The former S Club 7 singer-turned-TV presenter is sharing a before-and-after following a trip the the hair salon where she treated herself to some hair extensions. These extensions aren't just any kind, either. Considering how natural her results look, and how invisible they are in the clip of her swishing her new hair around, we believe she's turned to "secret", micro-size extensions to boost the volume of her natural hair.

"Just popped in to see Hadley Yates for a little hair love. Felt like my ends were feeling really thin and I wanted a bit of added texture and fullness," Rachel captions the before clip.

She then shares her results, writing: "I left with exactly what I wanted: thicker and fuller locks. Thank you Hadley, I love my hair, I love the extra fullness and it still feels so natural."

Left, Rachel before with natural hair, and right, after having extensions fitted

Copy Rachel's look with nano bond extensions

If Hadley's name rings a bell, it's because the celebrity hairstylist also tends to the tresses of Vogue Williams and Frankie Bridge, so he's a regular on celeb Instagram feeds.

If you don't have an A-list hairstylist on speed dial, you can still recreate Rachel's results by giving discreet hair extensions a try for yourself. We've spoken to hair extension specialist Olia Cutz from London's The Extensionist salon to find out what to ask for to get a Rachel-like, subtle volume boost.

Olja says: "For clients wanting to add volume and texture rather than extra length, 'ultra' or 'nano' bonds – which are 3x smaller than normal bonds – are perfect. They're called invisible because we hide the bond by wrapping natural hair around them, so they're super discreet and blend perfectly with your root colour."

She adds: "This type of extension is also very popular as we come up to bridal season as they won't show no matter what hairstyle you choose to wear on the big day – even an updo."

A full set of nano bonds takes 3-4 hours to apply, depending on how many you need, and you can wear them for up to 4 months. Olia adds that The Extensionist will re-bond and reuse the hair for maintenance sessions – something most salons won't offer. Instead, you'd normally be required to purchase new hair each time, which gets quite pricey.

The cost is dependent on the amount of hair needed (ie. half a head or a full head), but prices start from around £400, with maintenance appointments costing from £220. See full price list here.


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