Revealed: 2022’s most searched nail trends

Google has released its Year in Search report for 2022, detailing which terms were most searched for in the US on the search engine.

The report focuses on growth, rather than overall search volume, basing its findings on searches that saw a spike in traffic over the year, compared to 2021.

It finds the most searched nail terms of 2022 to be:

  1. Hailey Bieber nails.
  2. Red nail theory.
  3. Milky nails.
  4. Half moon nails.
  5. Chrome nails.
  6. Pink coffin nails.
  7. Euphoria nails.
  8. Chocolate glazed donut nails.
  9. Mardi gras nails.
  10. Pink french tip nails.

TikTok is a clear influence on the search terms, with the ‘red nail theory’ – the concept that wearing red on nails helps to attract more attention – hailing from the platform.

Hailey Bieber’s nail tech, Zola Ganzorigt, also influenced trends, with the glazed donut designs she created for the model helping the style to go viral. But she’s not the only tech influencing nail-related searches, as thanks to celebrity nail artist, Natalie Minerva, TV show, Euphoria‘s nail looks saw a spike in searches in 2022.

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