How to deal with competition

Beauty business expert and founder of Beauty Boss HQ, Layla Tourh, shares how to deal with competition as Christmas approaches…

In the next couple of months when we hope on being busy, we plan on making extra revenue and we plan on getting new clients. What we don’t know is how the competition is going to lessen our success in the coming months. So what can we do about it?

First, you need to know, who is your competition. Is it the salon across the road? Is it that new place that opened up next door? Or is it the salon that has a great social media page? If the salons in your area are regularly quiet or see the same amount of clients you do daily, then they’re not much to worry about.

You want to know what salon your potential clients would rather go to, even if it’s not too close to your location. It’s likely a salon with incredible branding and social media presence, and one that does amazing treatments for good prices. You want to find the salon that appears so popular that you wouldn’t be surprised if they had a waiting list.

If you don’t feel that this salon is your business already, then that salon would be your real competition. Why? Because they’re most likely the first salon to appear on Google, they’re most likely to be the first salon that pops up in locations on Instagram, and they’re most likely the salon with a great social media presence that attracts clients from around the world.

Here are a few tips on how you can step up your game!

1. Customer care

Clients want to feel like they’re being looked after. They want to spend money on a great experience.

When you’re running the salon, imagine your salon is like the Four Seasons hotel. Imagine what the service would be like, and then think about how you can improve the service you provide in the salon.

For example, ensuring everyone is greeted immediately with a smile, checked in, and taken to the waiting area where they can be offered a beverage. Top up their drinks regularly, have thorough consultations, and overall make the client feel cared for. The better the service, the more the clients would recommend your salon and want to return.

Remember, how would you want to feel when visiting a salon? What would make you recommend that salon?

2. Ask for Google reviews

Have a client who had a fantastic service with you? Perfect! Ask them if they can give you a review on Google.

The more great reviews you have, the better ranking you will have on Google. Therefore, you would gradually overtake the competition.

As well as Google reviews, you could screenshot any compliments or nice messages you receive and repurpose them for your Instagram stories, helping potential clients to see what makes you so special.

3. Recommend a friend

If your clients loved your services, great! Take full advantage and ask them if they would recommend you to a friend, and let them know about your referral offer.

Providing a discount for referrals allows new clients to try out your salon. Once you get new potential clients in your salon, you can show them why your salon is great and worth coming to over your competitors.

4. Become shareable

Is your salon not looking too Instagram-friendly? Then it’s probably time for a style reboot!

Even if it’s not in the budget to do a complete renovation, have an area where they can pose and take shots and selfies, or somewhere where you can take before and after content of your client. This can help to generate trust in your salon and increase client engagement.

Some hairdressers do this well by creating a flower wall with a ring light. You could also have a section of a wall, painted for people to pose by, for example, having angel wings with the salon logo. If you own a hair salon you could change it up and get customised gowns that are fun and colourful, and you can get embossed hair foils for that fun effect when getting highlights.

If you own a nail salon, you could have a small area where you and your clients can take finishing photos and videos. You can create the small area by having a ring light or strong LED light, and a small backdrop. You can go on Amazon and find small backdrops for product photography. You can add any props you like, such as glitter, gold flakes and crystals. For the holiday seasons, you can create a themed idea that anyone would love to share on Instagram.

If you can get your salon shared on social media by your clients regularly, then you’ll hit a gold mine.

5. Have something they don’t

One way to win over a competing salon is to sell something they don’t. But you need to know a few things first, including:

  • What do they sell?
  • Who are your target audience?
  • Who are the real clients that live nearby and pop in every day?
  • What would your clients want?

When coming up with your ‘something different’, you also need to consider how it will be effective for social media. What would people share?

For example, people will share having nails with real Swarovski crystals, having cute cocktails, or having a sharable gimmick service, like adding gold foil to a face mask. You can even just create a deal or service specifically for the holidays if you prefer to keep things simple.

When you add a different service or feature in your salon, always find a way to make it shareable.

6. Remember to share

Just like asking for google reviews, ask your clients to share on social media! Create a hashtag, and when people find your social media gimmicks, suggest sharing on Instagram with the hashtag and tag the salon for a shoutout.

The more people shout out and share your salon, the more trendy you will be, and of course, the more people would prefer to go to your salon than anyone else’s.

These are just a few things to get you started with overcoming the competition. Of course, there are many ways you can approach this, but getting reviews, referrals, and social media credit are often the best ways to attract more clients, increase your revenue and fill your diary!

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