Research from beauty and wellness marketplace, Fresha, has uncovered the most popular global nail trends of the year.

Analysing video and view counts on Tiktok, the number of hashtags on Instagram and overall social media engagement, the company has compiled the top ten nail trends that have captured worldwide attention so far in 2024:

1. Long nails – 11,287,446 combined views and posts across TikTok and Instagram

Offering a larger canvas for artistic expression, long nails were found to be the most popular nail style of 2024.

2. French manicure – 9,406,341 combined views and posts

Love for the timeless sophistication of the French manicure remains strong, with this the second biggest nail trend of the year. Need helping perfecting the classic French? Click for a step-by-step from The GelBottle Inc using gel, and a step-by-step from multi award-winning nail tech & educator, Andreea Simona Ignat, using L&P acrylic.

3. Short nails – 6,338,707 combined views and posts

They may not be as viral as long nails so far this year, but short nails are still a popular choice for those embracing their natural nails and functionality.

4. Almond nails – 4,182,041 combined views and posts

The top nail shape in Fresha‘s research, almond nails have been dominating social media feeds in 2024, thanks to their flattering look and versatility.

Clari S Nails Long French & 3d

These long, square-shaped nail enhancements by @clari_s_nails showcase the classic French and feature 3D embellishments.

5. Square nails – 3,118,309 combined views and posts

Revealed as the fifth most popular nail trend of the year, the square nail shape offers a sharp, chic finish.

6. Chrome nails – 2,750,114 combined views and posts

An unsurprising nail trend for 2024, this high-shine, playful style suits a variety of looks. Check this out for yourself with our roundup of must-see chrome nail designs.

7. Green nails – 1,736,528 combined views and posts

This timeless colour has captured the hearts of nail enthusiasts this year, as the seventh top nail trend. In need of nail inspo? Click here to explore our green nail gallery.

Mimilouisenails Green Chrome

Vibrant green chrome nails in an almond shape, courtesy of @mimilouisenails.

8. Builder gel nails – 1,578,756 combined views and posts

Builder in a bottle formulas have proved popular since innovating the nail market, allowing techs to build long-lasting, durable shape and extend nails, and the product continues to trend in 2024.

9. Pastel nails – 955,785 combined views and posts

The spring-friendly pastel colour palette takes the ninth spot, showcasing the desire for soft, muted tones on nails.

10. 3D nails 835,654 combined views and posts

Whether embracing dainty embellishments or maximalist, textured elements, 3D styles are helping nail art fans to add dimension to manicures as a top nail trend.

A spokesperson from Fresha comments: “The research not only unveils the hottest nail trends of the year, but also offers fascinating insights into the ever-changing beauty industry.

“It’s clear that nail art isn’t just a trend it’s a vibrant form of self-expression that continues to push boundaries and inspire creativity.

“As we analyse the data, we see how each trend reflects the dynamic tastes and preferences of beauty enthusiasts worldwide. From classic French manicures to daring 3D nail art, the nail industry is a testament to the endless possibilities for personal style.”

By Editor