January may be over but some of us are still feeling the blues this month. The weather is cold and money is tight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to something that’ll help brighten up your month (and your skin!) for a tenner.

Bargain beauty brand Revolution is coming to our dry, lacklustre winter skin’s rescue with a new launch: the Super Base Vitamin Primer, £10 here. This primer and moisturiser hybrid cream combines skin-nourishing vitamins B, C and E with shea butter and hyaluronic acid, and is perfect for layering under make-up to give wearers a super-smooth base.

The price and the ingredients alone are enough to warrant a news story, but the real reason the new cream is going viral is because it’s made its way onto TikTok. Users are calling the priming base a “perfect dupe” for Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base, £49 here. Doing some quick maths here, you’ll be saving £39 by shopping Revolution’s similar version instead of the high-end original.

Revolution's Super Base Vitamin Primer

Bobbi Brown's iconic moisturising skin primer

TikTok user @sashinspires has received over 24.2k views on a new video talking about the Revolution primer. She says: “Definitely run, don’t walk to try this. Revolution has come out with a dupe for the Bobbi Brown Face Base”. A second user, @makeupbyaliciall, says in her own video: “The texture and the feeling on the skin is very similar to the Bobbi Brown Face Base. My make-up layered on beautifully. It definitely gets a ten out of ten from me, I’m really impressed!”

The search term #revolutionvitaminbase also currently has over 650k views on the app, and that’s expected to grow as more of us discover the “dupe”.

Having also tried Bobbi Brown’s Face Base, we do have to say it’s pricey for a reason; the formula glides on skin and makes make-up last without slipping for hours. However, if you can’t fork out nearly £50 on the original, Revolution’s bargain buy will certainly tide you over until payday.


By Editor