Fresh from her stint opening for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, Sabrina Carpenter took to another major stage as she performed at Coachella on Friday 12 April. The Espresso singer’s performance has cemented her status as one of this year’s hottest start to watch, prompting fans to rush out and buy anything Sabrina-adjacent they can get their hands on – including her brand new perfume.

She launched her debut fragrance, Sweet Tooth, back in February of this year, and now fans can snap up its sugary desert-inspired scent in Superdrug’s spring sale for £34.99 here rather than its usual price of £39.99.

Sabrina Carpenter's perfume Sweet Tooth is currently on sale

Inspired by her love of desserts, the pop star’s Sweet Tooth perfume has a range of sweet, playful notes that manage to smell sophisticated, not sickly, with top notes of marshmallow, chocolate, candied ginger and bergamot. Its middle notes include Madagascar vanilla, coconut milk and jasmine, whilst the base notes are whipped cream, sugar, musk and cashmere wood.

Not content with just smelling good enough to eat, the bottle itself is also super fun and playful, coming in the shape of a large pink chocolate bar. Even the packaging looks like a partially unwrapped bar of chocolate, making it a statement piece on your dressing table.

The perfume has notes of chocolate, vanilla and coconut milk

Shoppers have also been raving about it, with one saying: “Such a delectable, yummy scent. A must-have!” whilst another wrote: “Reminiscent of white chocolate, this fragrance has a lovely sweet scent that isn't overbearing or sickly but instead offers a beautiful smell. Definitely one that can be layered or used as a stand alone. I love this fragrance!”

A third put: “I tried this in-store, just thinking it would smell sweet. And when I tell you I was shocked at how scrumptious this smells, it's not an understatement. This makes me smell like white chocolate – a chocolate truffle. I wore it to work for the first time and my friend mentioned that it smelt nice and like chocolate and when I said it was probably my perfume, she smelt it and loved it! It smells so good and like nothing I've ever smelt before. Some people have said it doesn't last long, but it did on me. I spray it on my skin and a little on my clothes and it lasts all day! My new go-to fragrance!”

The perfume has been praised for its sweet but not sickly scent

Despite its rich scent and unique design, the perfume itself is still affordable enough to be worn as an everyday fragrance, with Superdrug offering a whopping 75ml bottle for less than £35. If you want a smaller size to try before you commit – or just to carry around in your handbag – you can also pick up the 30ml bottle on sale at Debenhams for £19.99 here, rather than £24.99.

Also included in Debenhams’ sale is another pop sensation’s perfume, with Ariana Grande’s Sweet Like Candy reduced from £40 to £32 here. Similar to Sabrina’s, it has notes of marshmallow, cashmere wood, vanilla and jasmine, with a fruitier edge that includes blackcurrant, pear and blackberry.

It also got some glowing reviews, with one person saying: “Beautiful bottle and the smell is amazing I love it.” Another wrote: “I love it! Absolutely beautiful smell, I'm so glad I chose this one.”

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